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Everyone loves puppies and their cute antics. French bulldogs aren’t any exception. Nevertheless, they typically get a foul status for consuming their poop. This isn’t truthful on the canine as they aren’t doing it to intentionally be disgusting, they’re simply making an attempt to outlive. This weblog will take a look at why they eat their poop and how one can cease it.

dog eating poop

Why Is My French bulldog Consuming Poop?

There are numerous explanation why your French bulldog would do that however a few of the frequent causes are


Most canine homeowners will let you know that their pet canines eat poop as a result of they aren’t conscious of what they’re ingesting. Which may be true for some French bulldogs, however all canine breeds have their distinctive tastes, preferences, and dietary wants. For instance, French Bulldogs will oftentimes get pleasure from consuming fecal matter or different forms of meals that you just most likely do not even know they’ve a style for. And that is known as coprophagia.

Following Mom Intuition

Frenchie puppies begin consuming their poop they’re with their littermates. They study this habits from their mom, who will naturally tidy up the “nest.” That is an evolutionary function, since canines’ clear excrement away from new child creatures to maintain predators away from the odor. Puppies will emulate their mom’s habits and will start to ingest feces.


Canines with parasite infections are likely to obsessively eat sure meals. It is because the parasites eat all the canine’s meals, so there’s nothing left to eat. Ultimately, they may begin consuming their very own feces. One of the best ways to cope with a canine on this situation is to look at their poop often and take them to the vet for remedy as quickly as attainable.

Over Use Of Steroids

Allergy symptoms in French bulldogs may end up in quite a lot of points, from pores and skin sensitivity to behavioral issues. In some instances, it’d result in critical itching which could be handled with steroids, however these drugs are likely to have an effect on chronically sick French bulldogs. Additionally they enhance starvation, so your canine could not eat for hours after which gorge on its poop. Once more, that is one other frequent incidence reported by many Frenchie homeowners.

Medical Points

French bulldogs aren’t resistant to diabetes and sadly, this incurable situation brings dangerous issues. Some canines refuse to eat whereas others get an elevated urge for food. When They don’t get one thing to eat they may begin consuming their very own poop.

Low Nutrient Meals

In case your Frenchie pet appears as if he’s consuming his poop, it’s seemingly as a result of the meals you’re feeding him is just not very nutritious. If his meals isn’t digesting accurately, the ‘merchandise’ will come out wanting and smelling precisely like no matter he ate for dinner. This may be somewhat unappetizing to a pet, however they may take it as a lovely choice and begin consuming their poop.


When your French bulldog suffers from anxiousness, they might have just a few undesirable habits that stem outward. For instance, your canine could start to start out consuming his poop in stress.


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How To Cease Your French Bull Canine From Consuming Poop?

There are numerous issues that you are able to do to forestall this drawback.

Effectively Balanced Weight loss program

When you feed your French bulldogs a well-balanced food plan that comprises all the needed vitamins they won’t eat their poop. It is because they’re getting all of the vitamins from the meals. It is best to feed your pet meals that comprises the required nutritional vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fat.

Clear Up Their Feces

One other factor you are able to do is to wash up their poop instantly after they’re accomplished doing their enterprise. By it, you aren’t giving them any probability of analyzing their poop.

To scrub their poop you should utilize Poop scooper. It comes geared up with the whole lot it’s good to clear up after your pup. It comprises a carabiner and a pair of rolls bagged for 40 makes use of every. Cleansing up canine waste is a breeze this poop scooper is handy and light-weight, so exit with it and overlook about carrying heavy scoopers by hand. Lengthy-lasting professional-grade poop luggage, that` take away disagreeable odors inside luggage so, no worries leaving the home with odorless fingers.

Deal with Their Anxiousness

In case your french bulldog is affected by anxiousness you possibly can deal with this situation by offering them interactive meals toys. These toys can preserve them busy for hours. You’ll be able to present toys like

Snuffle mat

This canine toy is a superb method to promote bodily and psychological well being in your canine. The snuffle mat will preserve your pet mentally stimulated whereas getting some train and decreasing stress, leaving you with a contented, wholesome canine. A ten-minute snuffle is the same as one hour of out of doors train. Furthermore, this snuffle mat is sturdy, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

snuffle mat

Interactive Meals egg

Add your Frenchie’s favourite treats to the feeder, creating incentives for them to work together whereas they train and reinforce optimistic behaviors.   After you add just a few gadgets to the allotting ball, you possibly can set the issue degree by rotating the toy. You’ll be able to rotate it again after they choose up their tempo or velocity up after they’re losing interest or sloppy. It is likely one of the greatest methods to maintain your French bulldog busy.

interactive food egg

Seek the advice of Your Vet

Veterinary medical doctors are an essential facet in relation to your Frenchie well being. When you discover that your pet is all of the sudden consuming poop, seek the advice of with a vet who will be capable to decide the precise explanation for this uncommon habits and what could be accomplished about it.


You might have acquired the reply to why your French bulldog is consuming poop. French bulldogs are similar to people within the sense that they’re curious by nature. In the event that they discover one thing that smells or tastes good, they’ll need to attempt it out. There are additionally sure medical points and behavioral points that may trigger your Frenchie to eat his poop. Nevertheless, by consulting your vet and taking the required measure you possibly can management this drawback. Hope this weblog will provide help to in overcoming this situation.


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