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What’s Your Cat’s Scratching Fashion?


Felines are cute. We think about them as tender, snuggly, candy mates who curl towards us and purr to sleep. And due to these, they’re unsurprisingly the topic of many viral pictures on the Web. Nonetheless, this doesn’t cease them from digging their little claws into your carpet, furnishings, or the genuine denims you could have on proper now.

To guard towards damaging cat scraping, it’s important to know why a cat scratches furnishings, their scratching kinds, and the best way to reroute them to extra applicable issues, like cat scratchers.

Why Scratch within the First Place?

an orange cat scratching on the sofa

Why do these cute fluffies have sharp spikes on the ends of their tiny little bean-shaped toes? Whereas indoor kittens might not have to struggle with predators of their quest for meals, their impulse to maintain their claws sharp to guard themselves by no means left.

Scratching additionally has a variety of different functions:

Paw well being: It helps hold their paws wholesome and strong.

Nail wellness: It removes the lifeless outer layer of the nails and retains them sharp.

Scent marking: It is also a means for cats to speak. Cats’ paws have scent glands on them, so once they scratch, they inform one other cat, “that is my space.” That is very true if they’re out of doors cats.

Self-soothing: It’s a means for cats to cut back pressure, de-stress and hold themselves joyful and happy. Cat scratching when they’re joyful is often lovingly known as “kneading.”

Boredom killer: If an indoor cat has nothing to maintain it occupied, it could develop habits that embrace scratching and shredding issues in your own home.

The Greatest Scratching Posts Based mostly on Your Cat’s Scratching Fashion

a tabby cat standing on its hind legs and scratching on a scratching post

There’s a lot out there, and never all of them are scraping posts, however you may decide the perfect one relying in your cat’s scratching fashion. It may really feel like all cat scratching posts are the identical. You might be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of posts and do not understand how even to start selecting one.

Realizing Your Cat’s Scratching Fashion

So that you now know why your feline must scratch, so the subsequent factor to find out is their scratching fashion. However why is that vital?

Realizing your cat’s scratching fashion will definitely make it easier to select the perfect cat scratch articles on your cat. Realizing this can assist save your carpets and furnishings from destruction!

Horizontal Scratchers

In the event you discover your cat scraping solely carpets, floorings, rugs, or the arms of couches, your cat may desire a degree floor. Degree scratchers and horizontal scratch pads similar to automobiledboard cat scratchers, flat scratchers, and ground scratchers would appeal to them.

Vertical Scratchers

Some cats prefer to scratch upwards. These cats largely scratch the legs of the couch, tables, or doorways. For vertical scratchers, upright scratchers are the perfect to allow them to scratch whereas standing on their hind legs and forelegs stretched out.

Angle Scratchers

Some nonetheless prefer to scratch at an angle. A scratching pad (or couch scratcher) that may relaxation at an angle is finest for these cats. Some horizontal scratchers will be oriented to face at an angle. Some scratchers are created at an angle only for a majority of these cats. 

All-around Cat Scratchers

In case your cat damages anywhere in any place, or in case you have quite a few cats who seem to have totally different kinds, it is advisable present scratchers that enable scratching in both setting.

Three-dimensional scratchers or bed-type scratchers with each vertical and horizontal sides are optimum. Most of those additionally work as sleeping areas. 

Sorts Of Scratching Surfaces

types of scratching articles

Cats prefer to scratch carpets, furnishings (wooden), or a tender throw pillow. Contemplate what floor your cat favors and attempt to simulate that look, in case you can, within the scratcher you’ll buy.

Corrugated cardboard scratchers are inexpensive, will be rapidly changed, and can be found in vertical and horizontal types. Not all cats prefer to scratch their nails on cardboard containers, although. And in case your cat does like scratching on cardboards, contemplate that it is advisable clear up the shredded cardboard little bits extra usually than you wish to.

Sisal rope lasts lengthy and has a tough texture that many cats like. Typically, the sisal rope wrapped round a cylindrical object will come aside. Ultimately, they may also look “worn out.” Do not forget that your cat may prefer it extra because the sisal rope will get extra crushed; your cat may prefer it extra as a result of it is well-marked with their scent.

Some felines, particularly ones used to being outside, might favor wooden. For these felines, the door trim, hardwood flooring, or a chunk of furnishings may appear interesting until you get them used to scratching one thing comparable in texture.

Carpet will be each and unhealthy. Many felines like the feel of rugs, however the draw back could also be that your cat can’t discriminate between the carpet it’s okay for them to scratch on (the cat submit or cat tree) and the carpet that’s not (the precise carpeting in your house). That is why some veterinarians do not advise carpet-covered cat scratching posts in bushes until your property doesn’t have carpets.

The place to Place the Scratching Article?

where is the best area to put scratching posts

Since a vital issue for cat scratching is marking, they most likely need to hold their scent in an space they share with people, different cats, or maybe different pets in the home. Excessive-traffic areas are the way in which to go! Don’t put the scratching submit in a secluded spot within the house that no one makes use of.

Cats additionally prefer to scratch wherever and each time the urge comes, so that you may contemplate placing a couple of totally different cat scratchers round the home. Cats additionally like to stretch and scratch after a nap, so contemplate placing their favourite type of scratcher close to their mattress.

Selecting a Prime-quality Scratching Article

a hairy cat scratching a tree bark outside

There’s all kinds of scratching articles to select from as a result of felines have varied scratching kinds, and cats desire totally different supplies. A variety of scratching posts look stable and durable however aren’t. They could tip over when a feline tries to scratch them, or they might look engaging however should not lined in the kind of materials your cat loves. No matter fashion you select, choose one with at the least a broad base, if not a picket base, to make sure that it doesn’t wobble or flip over whereas your cat makes use of it.

Get Your Cat to Scratch!

get your cat to scratch

You possibly can strive totally different scraping articles and pads till you discover those your cat like finest. Use catnip to draw your feline to strive new objects.

In case your cat continues to scratch on the no-no areas, take them to their scratcher and gently mimic the scratching movement by rigorously placing their paws in the suitable locations. Reinforce good habits with praises and cat treats so good associations develop between your cat and good scratching behaviors.

Maintain your cat’s nails lower. You possibly can trim your cat’s nails at house or have specialists. It is also crucial to play together with your cat and supply toys to maintain them out of boredom.

Final Phrases

You don’t want to show your cats the best way to scratch—it is a pure intuition! What it is advisable educate them are the locations the place they will scratch. Whether or not you are beginning with a kitten or have an older cat that you just need to re-train, realizing their scratching fashion and offering the suitable avenues to scratch are most useful. Do not forget that trimmed nails don’t injury as a lot. In the event you clip your cat’s nails extra often, it could decrease or eradicate injury at house.

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