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The net of wyrd is an historical image that holds a strong message for the that means of life and the universe at massive. This image has nordic roots and has been depicted all through tales, poems, and lore all through the ages. 

Many imagine it’s a logo of destiny and represents the numerous parts that create the phenomenon. On this article, you’ll dive deep into the symbolism behind the online of wyrd and the story behind its origins. 

Key factors

  • The net of wyrd is a logo that originates from Norse mythology. 
  • The net is a logo of the interconnectedness that exists all through your complete universe. Everybody and every thing are woven collectively by destiny or the online. 
  • The image resembles an online, consists of three sections of three components, and is related to the quantity 9. 9 is a strong image utilized in each Norse mythology and fashionable numerology. 
The web of wyrd means interconnectedness.
The net of wyrd means interconnectedness.

What’s the net of wyrd?

The wyrd is an intricate net of vitality connecting every thing contained in the universe. The net of wyrd consists of three verticle traces spaced evenly aside. 

Inside these areas are two units of three traces that overlap one another, forming an online. Many have described this image as a spider net weaving collectively the seams of the universe. 

Ancients used this image to explain the phenomenon of interconnectedness within the universe and believed every thing was linked to a single supply of vitality or net of existence. 

Thor, the major god in Norse mythology
Thor, the most important god in Norse mythology, from Wikipedia


In Norse mythology, there’s a story of the origins of the online of wyrd. These origins state that three beings of female vitality used their talents to create the online of destiny. 

They’re referred to as Norns and are believed to manage the destiny of humanity on each a world and particular person scale. 

The three Norns had been referred to as Skuld, Urd, and Verdandi

  • Skuld – Necessity
  • Urd – Destiny
  • Verdandi – Being

Collectively, these three are mentioned to dictate how every facet of actuality capabilities, with the power to control or “thread” it as they select. Norns are very highly effective and might affect Gods since Gods exist throughout the universe or actuality, and the Norns have full management over them. 

Different tales affiliate the Norns with representing the previous, current, and future. Upon start, it’s believed they start weaving every individual’s particular person life path, stitching in each occasion they’re meant to expertise. 

These experiences are additionally sewn into different folks’s experiences and so forth, creating an eternal net of existence. Norns are impartial within the sense that they’ve the power to create constructive or destructive experiences. 

The_Norns Norse mythology
The Norns in Norse mythology


When one thing incorporates the great, the dangerous, the constructive, and the destructive, these energies neutralize one another utterly. The net of wyrd symbolism can also be an instance of neutrality, because it incorporates every thing. 

The net of wyrd teaches you of the true nature of actuality and the universe. Nothing occurs by likelihood, and every thing that occurs is meant to occur. 

Viewing life on this method, no matter what occurs, allows you to perceive that with out the polarizing expertise of “good” or “dangerous,” the universe wouldn’t exist. In any other case, it wouldn’t have existed within the first place. 

“The place wolf’s ears are, wolf’s tooth are close to.”

~Volsunga Saga, c.19 (quote from norse mythology)

Lovely Norse Safety

Web of Wyrd Necklace Viking Necklace

Internet of Wyrd Necklace Viking Necklace

Wiccan Jewellery Mythology Impressed Jewellery Skuld’s Internet Necklace (Wyrd NG)

  • In Norse mythology and Viking perception, the Internet of Wyrd was the matrix of fates.
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The quantity 9 and the online of wyrd

Historical Nordics thought of numbers to have religious properties and used them deliberately whereas creating symbols, equivalent to the online of wyrd. In Norse mythology, the quantity 9 is critical and infrequently seems in tales. 

One instance is the story of Ragnarok, during which 9 worlds are destroyed. The quantity 9 additionally seems within the net of wyrd, which is a logo of destiny. 

The net of wyrd consists of three units of three traces, equalling 9. The importance of this quantity represents the “destiny” of the online of wyrd, which will be damaged down into three components.

Scene from Ragnarök
Scene from Ragnarök in Scandinavian mythology (a collection of occasions and catastrophes that may finally result in the top of the world)

Divine goal

The net of wyrd symbolism is the divine goal of every thing in existence. As a result of the online is woven with intention, there isn’t an individual, place, or factor that wasn’t deliberately introduced into existence. 

From this angle, even the seemingly insignificant features of somebody’s life are actually monumental. 

“Knowledge is welcome wherever it comes from.”

~Bandamanna Saga, c.10 (quote from Norse mythology)


When an merchandise is sewn collectively, it consists of many threads, all woven collectively to create the larger complete. The idea of “weaving” or “threading” symbolizes the concept each selection or motion of the previous, current, and future is used to create the grand scheme of life’s totality. 

Nothing within the Universe is insignificant, and the previous has simply as a lot of a profound impact on the current as the longer term.

The net of wyrd represents the completion

Some imagine the online of wyrd surpasses the concept of a starting or an finish. The net itself is a end result of the previous, current, and future, that means from an out of doors perspective, it’s full, because it incorporates all features of time. 

For the reason that net of wyrd is full, and every thing throughout the net is linked, there could possibly be a chance to entry info from the previous or future, within the current. 

The web of Wyrd the matrix of fate Skuld's Net
The net of Wyrd, the matrix of destiny (Skuld’s Internet)

Does the online of wyrd symbolism permit free will?

In Norse mythology, the concept of destiny is closely referenced and never typically related to “free will.” From a standard standpoint, the online isn’t essentially related to free will as a result of every occasion has been orchestrated by the Norns, who even have affect over the Gods. 

Web of wyrd & free will
Internet of wyrd & free will

However, wanting on the net from a extra fashionable strategy, you may infer that free will is actually potential, nevertheless it’s not as you would possibly assume. The universe incorporates each chance, each timeline, and each realm of existence. 

Each selection or motion you possibly can ever take already exists within the net of wyrd; it’s only a matter of which “thread” or motion you’ll take. Individuals can take routes A, B, or C, however these choices exist already and are a part of the universe’s whole sum. 

Take a look at this video for extra info on the internet of wyrd! 

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