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Tips on how to Decrystallize Honey Safely


Studying find out how to decrystallize honey correctly is the easiest way to retain all of its useful properties. Some individuals are shocked discover a jar of semi-solid, gritty stuff of their pantry to kitchen cupboard. By no means worry, it isn’t spoiled. Your honey has crystallized and it’s a regular incidence. However, you possibly can reverse the method safely.

Tips on how to Repair Crystallized Honey

Jar of honey that will soon need to be decrystallized due to sugar crystals growing inside image.

In case you are a long-time shopper of uncooked honey, I’m positive you’ve got skilled instances it has “turned to sugar”. That is the widespread slang time period for crystallized honey.

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When uncooked honey crystallizes it typically types giant, gritty crystals. It is a pure course of and doesn’t imply that something is unsuitable.

Although not the one components concerned – excessive ranges of glucose and fructose sugar molecules are chargeable for the change.

Bees make this superfood from many alternative sources of plant nectar. All nectar differs a bit in composition. This solutions the query of “why does some honey crystallize” and different varieties don’t.

The nectar sources and their ranges of sugars may result honey that crystallizes rapidly. Clover is an effective instance of 1 that’s fast to alter kind. However, storage situations additionally play a job.

Honey may be saved frozen to stop crystallization however most individuals don’t need the hassle of doing that.

Reverting Again to Liquid

Should you favor the liquid kind, you possibly can decrystallize honey with out destroying it’s uncooked properties. This uncooked meals is alive with enzymes, antioxidants, pollen and different pure goodies.

Warmth will soften the sugar crystals which are forming within the jar or container. However, an excessive amount of warmth will hurt the integrity of your honey. The trick is to revive it again to liquid utilizing a sluggish managed warmth. None of it ought to turn into overheated or scorched.

Raw honey that has crystallized in a jar and decrystallized honey in small jar image.

Melting Honey – How Scorching is simply too Scorching?

It is a widespread debate amongst honey connoisseurs. Most agree that temperatures over 110° F damages enzymes and anti-oxidants. And, something over 140° F ruins the pure properties fully.

Whereas 110° F could appear to be fairly scorching, understand that it most likely will get that scorching or hotter within the hive. On a scorching South Carolina day, I might not be afraid to wager that areas inside my hive are close to that temperature.

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Bees do regulate the within hive temperature via hive air flow. Nonetheless, they’re nonetheless on the mercy of mom nature and might solely management sections of the hive.

Light warming to an inexpensive temperature doesn’t injury the useful enzymes. This may be completed simply in case you take your time.

Reversing Crystallization Course of

The simplest solution to carry it again to a liquid state requires only some objects. We wish to create a “scorching tub” figuratively talking for our jar of honey. You can too switch it to a medium sized bowl if you wish to take away it from the container.

Should you purchase honey in glass jars, that is simpler. (However don’t fear in case your honey is in plastic, we will use one other technique that I’ll focus on shortly.)

As we start the method, it’s a good suggestion to have a lid on the jar. Honey ought to all the time be saved in a jar with a good becoming lid.

For the means of decrystallization, there needs to be just a little extra room within the jar to permit room for enlargement.

Don’t get your water too scorching. Water boils at 212° F however we don’t wish to get our water that scorching!! Warmth a small quantity of water to about 110° F-115° F.

Don’t add water excessive of the jar – water solely must go as much as the extent of honey. Don’t let water get into the honey.

You can too warmth water in a tea kettle after which pour it into a big bowl – sitting your honey jar within the water.

How Lengthy Does it Take to Liquify Honey

The period of time required to fully decrystallize your honey is determined by a number of components:

  • how a lot honey within the jar
  • how stable the it’s
  • temperature used

Can You Warmth Honey within the Microwave?

Have mercy, no! Please don’t microwave your honey. Microwaving doesn’t evenly warmth the meals. Additionally, the microwaving course of could injury a number of the dietary properties.

Will it damage YOU to place your honey within the microwave? No, it ought to nonetheless be suitable for eating and use. However, it positive won’t do it any favors.

Microwave and honey jar with no symbol image.

Tips on how to Decrystallize Honey in a Plastic Bottle

In case you have a crystallized plastic bear, you’ve got a additional step to carry out. Placing a plastic bear or any plastic container in scorching water could lead to melting the bear.

And, as we have now already mentioned the microwave will not be a very good possibility both. You’ll soften your bear and damage the dietary worth.

You may have a few choices. Whether it is thick however not stable, maybe you possibly can switch it to a glass jar. After which, proceed with a scorching water tub.

What if the honey is stable in your plastic container? Create a water tub just like the one outlined earlier. However, this time preserve the water temperature decrease than 100° F.

It’ll take some time, however you could possibly loosen it sufficient to pour it out of the plastic. Then, you possibly can proceed with the primary technique of a scorching water tub that’s hotter.

Setting the plastic container in a heat sunny window can also be a great way to get issues headed in the appropriate path.

One other Choice for A Plastic Bear

Do you personal a automobile? Some individuals report wonderful outcomes decrystallizing honey of their automobile. Should you stay in a area with heat temperatures, you could possibly warmth your glass jar contained in the automobile on a sunny (not scorching) day.

How scorching the automobile inside will get is determined by the season and your location. It is very important monitor the within temperature of the automobile to keep away from damaging your uncooked honey.

Decrystallization of Bulk Honey

Beekeepers typically retailer their harvest in sealed 5 gallon buckets. It isn’t uncommon for a few of it to show stable within the bucket. This example will not be distinctive to beekeepers. Others who observe bulk meals storage could expertise granulated honey.

For dwelling use, scoop out the quantity that you just suppose you’ll use quickly for decrystallization. Then proceed with the new water tub technique. This lets you keep away from exposing the entire bucket to warmth unnecessarily. Should you stir the combination periodically, it is going to assist pace up the method.

An alternative choice for bulk storage is a bucket wrap heater. This product matches across the bucket and warms the contents. It’s even secure to make use of on plastic pails. Nothing is broken by the slowly warming warmth that brings the content material again to a liquid state.

Beekeepers typically bottle honey in jars earlier than it’s bought. It’s laborious to know what measurement container your clients will need. You could find yourself with a case of jars that doesn’t promote as rapidly as desired. And, these jars could crystallize.

The issue is that the majority customers don’t perceive granulated or crystallized honey. They worry that it’s broken ultimately. In reality, it’s simply as nutritious as liquid – but it surely doesn’t promote as properly.

A warming cupboard is simple to make and use. It really works wonders when you’ve got a number of jars of to heat.

Please do not forget that crystallized honey continues to be good – don’t throw it out. Nonetheless, in case you want or favor one thing that pours, select a decrystallization course of and provides it a attempt.

Do you need to fear about recrystallization? Sure, it may possibly occur although typically at a slower price the following time. Defend your jars from colder temperatures that encourage crystals, a pleasant heat place close to the kitchen range is ideal.

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FAQs about Decrystallizing Honey

What number of instances are you able to liquify your honey?

The method may be repeated time and again. Nonetheless, do not forget that every time we warmth the honey – even a decrease temperatures, we could trigger some very minor injury. Particularly when it’s repeated a number of instances.

Does crystallization trigger honey taste to alter?

Sure, the method of sugar crystals forming can alter the flavour, style or aroma however not in a big manner for many varieties. Some individuals favor it this manner and purposely make creamed honey.

Will preserving my honey within the refrigerated delay crystals forming?

No, really a fridge is the more serious place to maintain uncooked honey. That is the temperature that encourages crystallization.

Why can’t I pour the honey in a pan and warmth it that manner?

And not using a double boiler approach and mild warmth – you’d over warmth your honey and injury it. Do take care to keep away from getting water in your jar although.


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