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Stand * Dishevelled Bulldogs



This command tells your canine
to stop fidgeting and be nonetheless
It’s helpful for if you’re grooming him,
bathing him, checking him over,
or drying him off on a moist day

Solely begin with this command after
the canine has mastered the Sit and Down command


Put together for Coaching
All it’s essential to train your canine
to face is a handful of treats
Additionally, you will need to discover a quiet place
that is freed from distractions
so your canine will hold its deal with you

Begin off together with your canine
both sitting or mendacity down in entrance of you
Maintain a deal with proper in entrance of its nostril,
and provides the command stand
Very slowly pull the deal with straight out
from its nostril and towards you.
Your canine ought to stand as much as comply with the deal with
The second it’s standing,
reward your canine and provides it the deal with


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