Silver Appleyard – Every little thing You Have to Know


On the lookout for a duck breed that appears much like Mallard geese however gives extra meat and eggs for your loved ones’s consumption?

If sure, the Silver Appleyard often is the one for you!

This dual-purpose breed could also be uncommon and fewer in style within the poultry business, however they’re a breed prized for its magnificence, character, and meat and egg-laying capabilities.

Do you need to get to know extra about this Appleyard duck breed? Nice!

On this information to Silver Apleyard’s world, we’ll focus on:

  • When and why was Silver Appleyard developed
  • How they take care of fellow waterfowl and their house owners
  • What makes them a wonderful addition to your flock

This can enable you decide whether or not Appleyard geese are the best breed for you. Whether or not you’re a beginner homesteader or an skilled poultry farmer, you’ll profit from this information.

So, let’s get proper into it and dig deep into its historical past!

Fast Info About Silver Appleyard

Origin: United Kingdom
Measurement: Feminine: 7 to eight lbs.
Drake: 8 to 10 lbs.
Egg dimension: 2.5–3.7 oz. (giant)
Egg shade: White
Egg manufacturing: 220 to 265 eggs per yr
Major goal: Meat and egg manufacturing
Conservation Standing: Threatened

Silver Appleyard’s Origin and Historical past

Silver Appleyard geese got here into existence because of Reginal Appleyard, a talented poultry breeder and famend author from Ixworth, England.

He developed the breed at his well-known Priory Waterfowl Farm close to Bury St. Edmund.

His objective was to create a wonderful all-around utility and farmyard duck that produces good meat, massive white eggs, stunning feathering, and deep, lengthy, and large breast.

This objective was acknowledged on his 1940 farm brochure and achieved by crossing Pekin, Rouen, and Aylesbury duck breeds.

He additionally developed the miniature Silver Appleyard by crossing a small Khaki Campbell with a White Name.

However sadly, he died earlier than submitting a regular to any poultry affiliation. 

Nevertheless, his effort didn’t go to waste as a result of the birds he produced gained at exhibits, and the ducklings have been nice desk birds that reached 6.5 lb(3kg) in simply 9 weeks. 

As a result of lack of curiosity in duck breeds, the unique line of Silver Appleyard declined in 1945.

However fortunately, an English breeder named Tom Bartlett recreated the Silver Appleyard breed.

He purchased geese from the market with the specified traits and selectively bred them to look much like E.G. Wippell’s portray. 

These varied efforts led to the acceptance of the breed by the British Waterfowl Affiliation in 1982. 

Bartlett additional developed a miniature model within the Eighties, and his creation was proven on the 1987 British Waterfowl Champion Waterfowl Exhibition. 

The mini silver Appleyard geese are one-third of the usual breed’s weight, and the usual was established in 1997. However it was reclassified within the UK because the “Silver Bantam” breed.

The Silver Appleyard discovered its option to america within the Sixties and have become accessible to the general public in 1984.

The American Poultry Affiliation’s Customary of Perfection accepted the massive model of Silver Appleyard in 1998.

silver appleyard ducks

Silver Appleyard Duck’s Bodily Traits and Customary

Regardless of being unable to submit a regular, Reginald’s Appleyard breed has been acknowledged via the assistance of E.G Wippell, a well-known artist who painted an beautiful Silver Appleyard canvas in 1947. 

Silver Appleyards look much like Mallard geese, however a number of variations set them aside. That will help you acknowledge this breed, let’s focus on its distinct traits.

Giant Silver Appleyard Geese

This breed has a stocky, compact physique and a barely erect posture much like however not as a lot as Indian Runner geese. 

Silver Appleyard Drakes

Male Silver Appleyard geese characteristic a greenish or yellow invoice with a black tip, brown eyes, and a greenish-black head and neck, with some silver shading impact that grows bigger as they age.

Their breast, sides, shoulders, and flank are reddish-chestnut with some white frosting and lacing, whereas their underbody is creamy or silvery-white. 

The males additionally boast grey and white wings with vivid blue cross-stripe. Their tail is blackish bronze, whereas their legs and ft are orange. 

They are often mistaken for Mallards however what makes Appleyard geese completely different is their two restricted dominant genes which might be gentle recessive.

That leads to a light-colored pigment on their physique and face or a silver shading impact which might be seen on their head, neck, and different components of their physique.

As they get older, that head’s silver shades develop into extra pronounced, and the chestnut plumage will get darker. 

Feminine Silver Appleyard Duck

The pinnacle and neck of those Appleyard hen vary from silver to white, whereas their beak is orange.

When the duck hen is younger, the stomach and chest space are extraordinarily pale, and as they age, they develop into a darker shade of pale.

Just like the drakes, the hens’ speculum options an iridescent blue, inexperienced, or violet shade. However as they age, that space turns into extra outstanding and brighter.

Silver Appleyard Ducklings

Most Silveryard ducklings have yellow plumage shade on their total physique besides on their head which boasts a mohawk sample and a darkish tail. 

Miniature Silver Appleyard Geese

In contrast to the massive varieties’ restricted and lightweight genes, the miniature geese have dusky harlequin genes.

Nevertheless, their easy plumage coloration and sample make them much more interesting.

miniature silver appleyard ducks
Miniature Silver Appleyard

Silver Appleyard’s Temperament and Disposition

This waterfowl breed is calm and docile and may be pleasant when hand-raised. They’re much less temperamental than chickens, so that you don’t have to fret in the event that they’d get near your children. 

Silver Appleyards are additionally wonderful foragers who settle wherever there’s sufficient meals. Subsequently, it can save you a substantial quantity of feed in the event you provide them a big space for foraging.

Silver Appleyard’s Meat and Egg-Laying Capabilities

When you’re planning to buy and lift a Silver Appleyard duck, some of the essential buying components is how a lot meat and eggs it could possibly produce.

So, let’s focus on how this breed performs within the meat and egg-laying division.

Meat Manufacturing High quality

Silver Appleyard geese are fast-growing and produce high-quality, lean meat with much less fats.

Moreover, their giant breast is commonly prized by duck meat breeders and gourmand cooks due to their gentle, non-greasy texture. 

Egg Manufacturing

Now, let’s transfer on to its egg manufacturing capabilities. Though Silver Appleyard geese usually are not in style within the poultry business, they’ll produce a wonderful quantity of eggs.

What number of eggs do Silver Appleyard geese lay?

Appleyard geese can produce 100–270 eggs yearly, which is why they’re supreme for poultry companies. 

What shade eggs do Silver Appleyards lay?

Their eggs are white, weighing round 2.5–3.7 oz. (57–85 g), in order that they fall into the medium to giant class. 

How lengthy does it take for Silver Appleyard duck eggs to hatch?

It takes 26 to 29 days for Appleyard eggs to hatch and lay in a nest at occasions. 

Silver Appleyard Duck’s Lifespan and Conservation Standing

These hardy and versatile geese have a lifespan of round 4 to eight years, however there are nonetheless Appleyard breeds that may stay past 12 years. 

The Livestock Conservancy’s Precedence Checklist lists it as “threatened.” Moreover, it’s protected by the Uncommon breeds Survival Belief within the UK.

silver appleyard drake

The best way to Elevate a Silver Appleyard

Silver Appleyard geese are typically wholesome. Nevertheless, if you wish to increase geese of this breed, you want to present them with the absolute best care to make them extra productive and happier.

Listed here are some recommendations on how one can increase these geese the best approach.

Weight-reduction plan and Diet

Essentially the most essential facet of Appleyard’s duck farming operation is offering the birds with high-quality, nutrient-rich duck feed.

Subsequently, try to consistently feed your geese sufficient dietary feed and by no means give them tainted feed.

You can provide your geese some poultry feed; nevertheless, they’ve greater Niacin necessities, so a duck feed specifically formulated for geese is a greater possibility. 

Don’t neglect to offer them an accessible contemporary and clear water supply as a result of it’s essential for duck’s well being. And if potential, complement their feed to spice up their well being and immunity.


An excellent and comfy shelter or housing system is important for Appleyard geese to maintain them protected from every kind of predators and dangerous climate.

So, when constructing the house in your geese, be sure that there’s a very good air flow system and sufficient gentle and air flowing via the construction and that it’s simple to scrub.

A mature Silver Appleyard duck requires 4 to five sq. ft of housing area due to its medium to massive dimension.


Geese are social birds who benefit from the firm of their fellow waterfowl.

So, if you wish to make your duck happier or begin an Appleyard farming enterprise, you need to give your chook a companion. 


Geese can train by foraging and swimming. So it’s greatest to offer your chook with a big area for foraging or a pond for swimming.

But when that’s not believable, a small duck pool ought to do. That ought to work and maintain them refreshed throughout sizzling, sunny days.

Breeding Ideas for Silver Appleyard Geese 

If you wish to breed your Silver Appleyard, you need to present an area away from the remainder of the flock.

Hold one mature drake for each 8 to 10 females for one of the best chance of long-term breeding success.

Overcrowding in a flock of geese may end up in probably deadly inner accidents and everlasting injury to each female and male reproductive organs.

Silver Appleyard geese don’t require particular husbandry strategies for food plan or housing in comparison with different duck breeds.

To shelter them from the outside and predators, a duck home with run or duck coop and run will do exactly effective.

silver appleyard ducks for sale

The place to Discover Silver Appleyard Geese For Sale

It’s greatest to purchase Silver Appleyard ducklings from respected native breeders. Nevertheless, these geese are difficult to search out since they’re not as in style as different breeds.

However you should buy feminine, male, and unsexed ducklings from the next hatcheries and poultry farms:

Nevertheless, there’s a draw back to buying on-line. The delivery may be tense for the newborn geese, and the supply might range, so you want to be affected person in searching for one.

Regularly Requested Questions About Silver Appleyard Geese

Listed here are different frequent questions concerning the Appleyard breed that you could be discover useful when buying.

Do Silver Appleyard geese fly?

Appleyard geese fly rather well. Whereas it allows them to flee from predators, it additionally makes them wonderful escape artists.

That’s why some house owners clipped their Appleyard’s wings.

How a lot is a Silver Appleyard duck price?

Silver Appleyard’s price might range relying on the intercourse, high quality, and variety of ducklings you’ll buy, however you may get one as little as $9.58 to as a lot as $17.94.

Females are normally dearer than males.

Are Silver Appleyard geese loud?

These Appleyard geese are quieter than different breeds, in order that they’d do properly as yard geese. However they’ll additionally get additional loud once they quack when hungry.

How massive do Silver Appleyards get?

Appleyard geese can get giant, averaging 8 to 9 kilos. Drakes are bigger than females as they’ve blocky conformation, they usually’re barely cheaper.

How lengthy does Silver Appleyards stay?

Appleyard geese can stay as much as 4 to eight years, however others can stay longer and past 12 years when correctly cared for and given sufficient love and a focus.

Are Silver Appleyard geese endangered?

Silver Appleyard geese are listed as “threatened” by the Livestock conservancy, which suggests they’re liable to extinction.

However by preserving, breeding, and elevating some Appleyards, you possibly can assist protect this breed and save them from extinction.

Are mini Appleyard geese noisy?

They’re typically quiet, particularly the drakes, however females typically get quacky, like different geese.

Nevertheless, they’re nonetheless extra tolerable and fewer temperamental than different breeds.

silver appleyard ducklings

Professionals & Cons


  • They’re versatile
  • Pleasant
  • Glorious foragers
  • Grows rapidly
  • Produce loads of eggs

  • Naturally flighty
  • Takes time to tame
  • Females may be noisy

Silver Appleyard: Remaining Ideas

Silver Appleyard positively ticks off all containers because it has all of the qualities you’d search for in a duck breed.

It sports activities a phenomenal plumage that transforms over time, a peaceful and docile character, and wonderful meat and egg-laying capabilities.

The issue, nevertheless, is it’s difficult to search out because it’s uncommon and unpopular.

However in the event you’d ever discover one, this breed will certainly not disappoint you!

When you’re searching for different breed choices, take a look at the article under.

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