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Patterns and dynamics of egg commerce: commerce flows in exports and imports at nation stage


Between 2016 and 2020, international egg commerce confirmed a exceptional dynamics. In 2018, 2.36 mill. t of shell eggs had been exported, 2.97% of the worldwide manufacturing. This was the second highest export quantity previously decade. Till 2020, exports decreased by greater than 275,000 t or 11.7% and reached a quantity of solely 2.08 mill. t. In a primary paper, the dynamics of egg manufacturing and egg commerce on the international stage was documented. On this paper, the commerce flows of exports and imports for chosen nations shall be analysed. 

Hans-Wilhelm Windhorst – The writer is Prof. emeritus of the College of Vechta and visiting professor on the College of Veterinary Medication, Hannover, Germany

Patterns of commerce flows in shell egg exports

As was documented within the first paper, the regional focus of shell egg exports at nation stage was excessive, for less than ten nations contributed 79.0% to the whole international export quantity. A more in-depth take a look at the commerce flows of the main exporting nations reveals completely different patterns. One can distinguish between nations, which focus their exports on a small numbers of locations, whereas others export to a a lot bigger variety of nations. 

Examples for the group with a excessive regional focus of their exports are the Netherlands and Malaysia. Determine 1 reveals that each nations exported over 90% of their shell eggs to solely 5 nations. One nation of vacation spot (Germany respectively Singapore) was in an unchallenged prime place. It’s apparent that the brief distance between the exporting respectively importing nations performed an vital position within the sample of the commerce flows. With growing distance, the export volumes decreased significantly. Whereas Germany’s self-sufficiency charge for egg demand was about 70%, it was nearly zero for Singapore. Due to the restricted accessible house for barns and the issues of manure disposal, Singapore determined to surrender animal manufacturing. Utterly relying on imports, the federal government determined to spend money on the event and manufacturing of different proteins to cut back the dependency.   

Examples for the group of a low regional focus of their exports are Poland and Spain. Each nations elevated their exports significantly over the previous decade and rank as quantity three respectively six among the many main egg exporting nations. 

Determine 2 paperwork the a lot decrease regional focus of their commerce movement patterns. Each nations centered their on EU member nations. The movement sample of Poland’s exports displays the previous commerce relations between CMEA (Council of Mutual Financial Help) nations. After becoming a member of the EU, Poland started to show to the enticing markets in Central Europe. Spain’s egg exports fluctuated significantly over the previous 20 years. A primary peak was reached in 2006 with over 149,000 t. A part with lowering exports adopted till 2011, when the export quantity was as little as 54,000 t due to the banning of cages. With the completion of the transformation of the housing techniques for laying hens, exports elevated once more and reached over 124,000 t in 2020. Regardless of the similarity within the fundamental commerce patterns, it’s apparent that Poland’s fundamental curiosity was the Central European market whereas Spain centered on Western and Southern European nations. 

Two nations with a combined regional sample of their exports are Turkey and the USA. Each nations exported over 90% to solely ten nations, however compared to the Netherlands and Malaysia, there was no dominating nation of vacation spot, although 4 respectively three nations acquired the biggest share (Desk 1). It’s price noting that the composition of their locations differed significantly. Turkey’s ten main export markets had been all Islamic nations. The free commerce inside USMCA (former NAFTA) performed an vital position for the USA; 55.2% of the general exports had been directed to Mexico and Canada. As direct imports to China had been not potential due to the political tensions between the 2 nations, exports had been geared toward Hong Kong as a switch market. Clearly, nations in Central and South America gained in significance although the traded volumes had been low compared to the exports to Mexico and Canada.

Patterns of commerce flows in shell egg imports

In a subsequent step, patterns of commerce flows in egg imports shall be analysed. Right here, too, the regional patterns differ significantly. 

An excessive regional focus of their imports confirmed Mexico and Syria. Mexico imported 98.5% from the USA and Syria even 99.7% from Turkey. Each nations are presently fully depending on these commerce relations. Whereas Mexico may be capable to import greater volumes from Brazil, Syria must search for different sources in Europe.

Much like the movement patterns in exports, one can distinguish between two teams in imports. Examples for a excessive regional focus concerning the nations of origin are Germany and Singapore. Determine 3 reveals that they imported over 90% of their shell eggs from solely 5 nations. One nation of origin was in an unchallenged prime place (Netherlands for Germany and Malaysia for Singapore). Germany imported eggs nearly solely from EU member nations. It’s apparent that spatial distance in addition to free commerce performed an vital position. The 4 main nations had been adjoining to Germany and allowed brief transportation distances transport time. Distance additionally decided the movement sample of Singapore’s imports, as could be seen from the dominating rank of Malaysia, adopted by Thailand.

Two nations with a excessive regional focus of their imports in 2020 had been additionally Belgium and the United Arab Emirates. Desk 2 reveals that each nations imported over 80% of their shell eggs from solely two nations. Distance was clearly the primary steering issue behind Belgium’s imports from the Netherlands and France. For the United Arab Emirates, the closest nations with a excessive egg surplus had been Turkey and Ukraine. Regardless of the appreciable distance, it was potential to move the eggs by truck. 

Examples for a decrease regional focus within the movement patterns of their imports are Russia and Saudi Arabia. Each nations imported eggs from a lot of nations (Determine 4), two nations nonetheless had the very best share, Belarus and the Netherlands for Russia, Ukraine and Turkey for Saudi Arabia. A more in-depth take a look at the commerce flows for Russia reveals that former commerce relations inside CMEA had been nonetheless current, as six of the main nations of origin belonged to the previous council. Due to political tensions, Poland not exported eggs to Russia. 

The regional focus of Saudi Arabia’s imports was greater than that of Russia, the ten main nations of origin contributed 93.7% to the general imports. Much like the import sample of the United Arab Emirates, nearly all of the shell eggs had been imported from Ukraine and Turkey, the closest nations with a excessive egg surplus over their home demand. Eggs had been additionally imported from the main egg exporting EU member nations, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. 

Clearly, the technique of each nations was to keep away from a dependency on just one nation and to succeed in provide safety by importing eggs from varied nations. It’s price noting that due to the political tensions Ukraine didn’t export eggs to Russia. There isn’t a data accessible nonetheless concerning the big manufacturing items within the japanese components of Ukraine, that are managed by Russia. Maybe they’re nonetheless producing and eggs are shipped to Russia.


Even if solely a relatively low proportion of the produced eggs was traded, the financial significance of exports and imports should not be underestimated. For a lot of egg farmers the chance to export eggs is securing their profitability and for a lot of nations, imports are crucial to shut the hole between demand and home manufacturing. 

The paper paperwork the commerce flows for chosen egg exporting and egg importing nations. In exports in addition to in imports, two commerce movement patterns could be distinguished. One group of nations solely exports to or imports from solely a small variety of nations. The regional focus of commerce flows may be very excessive. A second group, both exports to or imports from a bigger variety of nations. The regional focus of their commerce flows is way decrease. Clearly, their technique is to keep away from a dependency on just one or two nations and to safe both the export of their egg surplus or the egg provide in case of a niche between demand and manufacturing.  

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