New child Kitten Care: A Week-by-week Information


It is exhausting to imagine {that a} tiny kitten sufficiently small to suit the palm of your hand can develop a lot in a yr. However the reality is, so much occurs throughout the first two months of a kitten’s life. Most development happens throughout the first eight weeks of a kitten’s life. Take a look at this kitten timeline to study when to count on sure milestones in your kitten’s journey to changing into a cat.

New child Kitten

newborn kitten

New child kittens have closed eyes and folded ears. They don’t have any enamel; their nostril, gums, and paws could look intensely pink. Kittens this younger have but to have a gag reflex or the flexibility to thermoregulate. As nicely, their claws will probably be non-retractable. 

The umbilical wire will probably be related and can fall off by itself round 4 to five days of age. At this stage of their life, kittens can’t see nor hear; they will solely navigate the world round them by scents and searching for heat and luxury.

They are going to be about 95-97 °F at delivery and weigh about 1.8-5.3 ounces or 50-150 grams. It’s essential to safe a delicate warmth supply for a new child cat.

Habits: Kittens this age sleep for many of the day. Newborns can’t defend themselves nor stroll however might be able to go round by crawling. A wholesome new child will squirm and likewise meow if dealt with.

Kitten Care: Child kittens belong with their mama cat full time, as they are going to with meals, heat, grooming, and toilet help. If the mama cat isn’t round, kittens have to be fed with a bottle and kitten method each two hours by a educated caretaker, stimulated to pee and poo, and stored at an appropriate temperature.

Week One

All cats will probably be born with blue eyes, altering with age. A one-week-old kitten will its eyes shut however no umbilical wire. Claws will nonetheless be non-retractable, and they’re going to nonetheless don’t have any enamel. Round 7 days, the ear canals will open, and the ears will considerably unravel. The eyes will slowly open at round 8 to 12 days, which might take a number of days. One eye could open up extra shortly than the opposite; it’s crucial to let the kitten’s eyes open at their very own pace.

They are going to be about 97-98 °F and about 5.3-8.8 ounces or 150-250 grams. By week 1, the kitten needs to be round twice their delivery weight. Offering mild heat to maintain the kitten cozy and safe is crucial.

Habits: one-week-old kittens, although bigger than newborns, will nonetheless be primarily uncoordinated and sleep many of the day. At this stage, a kitten ought to have the ability to maintain its head up, transfer by wiggling its arms or legs, and be energetic and vocal.

Kitten Care: One-week-old kitties nonetheless unequivocally belong with mama cat. If mama isn’t current, they must be fed with a bottle and kitty method each 2 to three hours by a reliable caregiver, stimulated to go to the lavatory, and stored at an acceptable temperature.

Week Two

two weeks old kitten

At 2 weeks, the kitten’s blue eyes will probably be utterly open. Their imaginative and prescient will probably be unhealthy, they usually won’t be able to see issues which are distant. At this level, the ear canals will probably be open; the ears will probably be small and rounded, like an toddler bear. If you happen to open the mouth, you’ll uncover that there are nonetheless no enamel. Claws will nonetheless be non-retractable.

The common temperature of a three-week-old cat is about 98-99 °F. They are going to weigh about 8.8-12.3 ounces or 250-350 grams. The kitten’s environment needs to be maintained at round 80 °F.

Habits: Two-week-old kitties will probably be extra coordinated and begin trying their first steps. They are going to be unsteady and uncoordinated. Kittens this age could show some curiosity concerning the world round them however is not going to be taking part in but, and can nonetheless spend most of their time sleeping.

Kitten Care: Two-week-old kittens nonetheless belong with their mommy full-time. If mama isn’t round, they have to be fed within the bottle with kitten method each 3 to 4 hrs by a talented caretaker, stimulated to the lavatory, and stored at an appropriate temperature. Two-week-old kittens could also be given a dewormer.

Week Three

At 3 weeks of age, a kitten can have blue eyes. Their tiny ears will start to appear to be a kitten’s and level on the ideas. As nicely, their imaginative and prescient and listening to will probably be slowly bettering. The primary enamel will begin to come out at this age. The little enamel in entrance of the mouth, known as the incisors, will start to emerge by the gums. Kittens will slowly start withdrawing their claws.

Three-week-old kittens nonetheless want a warmth supply. Nonetheless, they are going to be way more energetic and will wander away when not sleeping. Their temperature will probably be round 99-100 °F, weighing about 12.3-15.9 ounces or 350-450 grams. The setting needs to be about 75°F right now.

Habits: At this age, kitties will probably be strolling about their setting and will even begin experimenting with the litterbox. They may grow to be all for cat toys, although they can’t but chase transferring issues. They are going to nonetheless sleep typically and would possibly start some little self-grooming habits. All through this week, their coordination will probably be a lot improved.

Kitten care: Three-week-old kittens ought to all the time be with their mother. Present a shallow litter field with a non-clumping muddle. If the mama cat is ill-disposed, kittens needs to be bottle-fed with d kitten method each 4 to five hours by an skilled caretaker.

Week 4

four weeks old kitten

At 4 weeks of age, a kitten can have clearer imaginative and prescient and listening to. The kitten’s enamel will proceed to develop. The lengthy enamel alongside the incisors, known as the canine enamel, will begin to push by beneath the gums. Claws will probably be retractable at this level.

Proceed giving exterior warmth sources for 4-week-old kittens, though they are going to doubtless solely use it after they sleep. Kittens this age are about 99-101 °F and weigh about 15.9 ounces-1.2 further kilos or 450-550 grams. The kitty’s environment should stay cozy and by no means chillier than 70-75°F.

Habits: 4-week-old kittens will probably be confidently exploring as they develop extra coordination. At this stage, they are going to stroll, run, and even begin to play. With their developed senses, they are going to be considerably extra receptive, making fixed eye contact and reacting to environmental stimuli. Their grooming talents would possibly nonetheless be restricted, nonetheless bettering. They are going to be utilizing a litter field at this stage.

Kitten Care: 4week-old kittens ought to all the time be with their mama cat. 4-week-old kittens might be launched to toys and can already be utilizing the litter field. Orphans of this age needs to be bottle-fed each 5 hours, even by the night time.

Week 5

At 5 weeks, a kitten’s enamel will continue to grow. Additionally, you will discover premolars begin to come out. The eyes will nonetheless be blue, however the ears will probably be pointed already. The claws will probably be retractable.

At this stage, kittens will probably be about 100-101 levels F and weigh about 1.2-1.4 further kilos or 550-650 grams. At this age, a house heating supply is not required so long as the setting is comfy with a temperature degree of 70-75.

Habits: 5-week-old kitties will probably be working and taking part in with confidence. They are going to begin to study social talents with human beings and different pets. Grooming talents will probably be improved. As nicely, you will notice improved litter field utilization at this age.

Kitten Care: A wholesome kitten at round 5 weeks could start weaning. If within the means of weaning, meals and fluids are wanted aplenty. Kittens want ample “slurry” or moist meals, together with accessibility to their mom’s milk or a bottle. All the time give supplemental feeding and be sure that the kitten retains a wholesome weight all through weaning. Have a shallow litter field obtainable to them always.

Week Six

six weeks old kitten

At 6 weeks, a kitten’s enamel will begin to attain the final of their early improvement, and the molars will start to emerge. The eyes will nonetheless be blue, however their imaginative and prescient and listening to will absolutely develop.

Their physique temperature at this stage is round 100-101°F. The load will probably be about 1.4-1.7 kilos or 650-750 grams. An exterior warmth supply is not wanted at this age so long as the world is round 70-75°F.

Habits: Six-week-old kitties will probably be assured interacting socially with friends, play-fighting, and pouncing. They are going to be desperate to discover and will probably be curious. Grooming talents are additionally highly-improved at this level. Six-week-old kittens are coordinated sufficient to leap off furnishings and land on their toes.

Kitten Care: Kittens must obtain ample moist kitten meals if weaning. Give entry to water, meals, and a shallow litter field. At 6 weeks of age, kittens should get their first FVRCP vaccine to protect them towards viruses.

Week Seven

All child enamel can have absolutely emerged at 7 weeks previous. Male kittens’ testicles will begin to go down at round 7 weeks. At this age, the kitten’s blue eye shade will change because the grownup eye shade develops.

The standard temperature is about 100-101 °F and weighs about 1.7-1.9 further kilos or 750-850 grams. At this age, the heating supply is not known as for as long as the temperature retains at 70-75°F.

Habits: Seven-week-old kitties will expertise a spike in vitality. 

Sleep time will probably be decreased, and the time for play will probably be longer. At this age, kittens can run, climb cat timber, and confidently bounce on furnishings.

Kitten Care: Kittens should obtain ample moist meals and will have kitten kibble and different stable meals as a complement. Give accessibility to water, meals, and a litter field always.

Week Eight

eight weeks old kitten

At 8 weeks of age, a kitten’s eyes would be the grownup shade of amber, inexperienced, brown, or blue. Their temperature will probably be round 100-101°F, weighing about 1.9-2.1 kilos or 850-950 grams. Exterior heating is not wanted at this age so long as the setting is comfy at 70-75°F.

Habits: Eight-week-old kittens will probably be energetic in addition to unbiased. Their coordination and agility will probably be nearly absolutely developed.

Kitten Care: Kittens want entry to a litter field and dry kitten meals or kitty kibble three to 4 occasions each day. At this stage, they will get the vast majority of their energy from dry meals if they want. If two weeks have handed since their latest FVRCP injection, kittens could get a booster right now. It’s also good to run a fecal check to search for internal parasites. A dewormer might be administered if the kitty has not been dewormed. At this age, in the event that they weigh 2 kilos and are wholesome, they is likely to be spayed/neutered, microchipped, and adopted.

Tips on how to Bathe a Kitten

  • Make the water an appropriate heat temperature. Have a bit of sink or a container all set with some heat water. If the kitten is soiled, you possibly can put a small quantity of Daybreak or child shampoo within the water.
  • Have towels prepared to instantly dry the kitten off and stop it from being chilly. It’s also possible to heat the towels within the garments dryer forward of time.
  • Delicately maintain the kitten by the scruff and maintain its physique together with your different hand. This would possibly assist to handle the cat higher and preserve it comfy.
  • Supply the kitten a fast however in depth bathtub to get grime and feces off them. For instance, if the butt is filthy, solely submerge the butt, not the entire kitten.
  • Rinse the kitty off with heat water and promptly wrap it in a towel.
  • Scrub vigorously to get the kitty dry. If the primary towel is just too moist, switch it to a tidy, utterly dry towel.
  • Maintain the kitten with you; don’t put the kitten down till it is solely dry. If wanted, wrap a heating pad across the towel whereas the kitten is drying.


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