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Lemony Contemporary for Longer – NATURE BEE



As you may see, the left picture shows the lemon wrapped in our beeswax wrap. This lemon has stored its shiny, yellow colouring and has additionally managed to stay juicy to the contact. We observed that this lemon additionally managed to maintain its aromatic scent, you’ll have to take my phrase on this 😋.

The centre photograph reveals the lemon that was wrapped in plastic wrap. It has crusted across the edges which has resulted in some slight browning. Whereas primarily dry to the contact, this lemon did have patches of juiciness. As well as, no scent emitted from this lemon.

The lemon that was unwrapped was fully dry to the contact with a lot of browning across the edges as properly. Much like the plastic wrapped lemon, this lemon didn’t have any scent to it as properly.

Though all of the lemons appeared to maintain pretty properly, it’s apparent that the beeswax wrapped lemon was stored the freshest. It remained shiny, recent and juicy throughout the 2 weeks whereas the others confirmed indicators of degradation.

So as to add to our experiment victory, it was confirmed in an unbiased research that Nature Bee beeswax wraps truly inhibit the expansion Bacillus subtilis aka micro organism! So you already know that utilizing our wraps will assist your meals last more from a scientific standpoint.

Beeswax wraps can be utilized to assist protect produce objects, cheese, bread, recent herbs and extra! Merely, wrap your required meals merchandise in a compact trend. Your arms will heat and activate the wax. As soon as cooled the wax hardens, creating a good seal. Voila, no extra spoiled meals.



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