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Koolie Canine Breed: Do They Make Good Pets?


This text will discover the Koolie canine breed and their traits and persona. We’ll additionally have a look at the very best weight-reduction plan on your Australian cattle canine and focus on how a lot train they want every day. In case you are trying to purchase a working canine equivalent to a Koolie, it’s important to do your analysis as this energetic breed wants an lively proprietor -this fun-loving breed wants numerous psychological stimulation!

Koolie Breed Overview

  • Weight: 15-22 kg
  • Peak: 13-24 inches
  • Breed Group: herding
  • Temperament: hard-working, energetic, clever,
  • Appropriate For: lively house owners, lively households, farmers
  • Different Names: German Koolie, Australian Koolie, Australian Kelpie, German Coolie, Welsh Heeler
  • Common Lifespan: 12-18 years

A Quick Historical past of the Koolie Breed

Brown Koolie Australian dog standing on a green field for exercise.

A Koolie is a medium measurement Australian breed of canine with distinctive markings and an lively temperament. This herding canine is alleged to be a results of crossbreeding a blue merle with a black and tan collie. Originating from England, early German settlers introduced their English herding canines to Australia (they have been thought to have been delivered to New South Wales), the place they have been ultimately bred with different canines such because the collie and Australian dingo. This earned them a number of names, together with the German tiger canine.

The place does the identify Koolie originate from?

There are a lot of theories surrounding the origins of the identify “Koolie” or German coolie, however it’s stated to originate from the truth that Germans not often use the letter “c” of their language, and it was these settlers that predominately used this canine breed to work their inventory. The “c” was modified to a “okay” to keep away from complicated the breed with “collie”. The Koolie canine is misrepresented as a German breed, whereas it’s an Australian canine.

Koolie Breed Look

Koolie Australian working herding dog or German Coolie. Australia original working herding dog.

A Koolie is a double-coated breed with brief, medium, or lengthy coat lengths. The Koolie coat ranges from easy and brief (very similar to a Blue Merle/Authentic Blue Merle Collies) to medium or lengthy like a border collie. The coat of a German collie will be easy or coarse. Most house owners want the shorter-haired breeds as they don’t decide up grass seeds and are usually simpler to look after.

A German Koolie can have a strong pink, grey, black, or brown shade with white markings or tan factors/brown factors if they’ve been bred with blue merles. Their coat is prone to be chocolate-colored with pink markings if they’ve been bred with pink merles. These working canines often have brown eyes however can even have black, yellow, blue, or mixed-colored eyes.

This medium-sized canine can develop as much as 24 inches tall and have a mean grownup weight of as much as 22kg. The dimensions can, nonetheless, differ relying on the place it’s from. Usually talking, the taller canines are from the Queensland space and New South Wales, whereas the shorter, thicker varies are typically bred within the Hunter Valley area.

Koolie Temperament

Australian Koolies have a beautiful temperament that’s nicely suited to households. These working breeds are bursting with power into their previous age and are tremendous clever. Like a border collie, the Koolie canine likes to be given duties and is of course enthusiastic.

These canine breeds are excellent for canine sports activities equivalent to sheep trials as they show advantageous agility, stamina, and obedience however the place these herding breeds excel is on the farm. As with different working breeds equivalent to border collies, this working canine has been utilized by farmers and dairy farmers for years to herd cattle within the discipline.

The Koolie canine is famend for being tolerant of different animals and folks. The Koolie canine makes an ideal household pet, although they are going to should be educated correctly and socialized as their intuition is to spherical up animals, and these canines may even show the necessity to herd members of the family!

The best way to Look after Your Koolie Canine

In case you are pondering of selecting a Koolie canine over another breeds, it would be best to do your analysis first to make sure that you’re ready and prepared. There are a lot of other ways to care on your Koolie canine.

Preserve studying to search out out extra…

Coaching and Exercising Your Koolie Canine

Koolie Australian working herding dog or German Coolie. Australia original working herding dog. Running in a field with a disc. banner image

Koolie canines are famend for being lively, clever canines, and this working breed wants house owners who can 100% sustain with them and train them adequately. These canines have an never-ending urge for food for train and play and can want a number of lengthy walks a day to maintain them happy – failing to take action might lead to destructive behaviors. Secure outside entry is all the time beneficial as a bored Koolie canine will possible change into agitated and sad.

In addition to common walks, the occasional swim is all the time appreciated, wherever potential.

Methods to maintain your Koolie occupied…

You’ll want a provide of toys to maintain them occupied, too -the common chew toys is not going to suffice. An Australian Koolie wants difficult toys that can allow them to make use of their pure intelligence to resolve puzzles. You will need to keep in mind that these canines want each bodily and psychological stimulation.

A powerful breed…

Koolie canines are strong-willed and require a constant strategy to coaching. This canine breed responds nicely to coaching and optimistic reinforcement. Coaching ought to start younger, so we all the time advise shopping for a Koolie pet from a respected breeder who adopts secure breeding practices – a mean litter measurement must be round six.

Once more, optimistic reinforcement is important within the coaching of those canines. By no means shout or punish canines for not listening. Treats usually work higher!

Koolies have brief consideration spans; due to this fact, it’s best to maintain coaching classes brief and fascinating – 3-5 classes a day, round 5 minutes at a time, is beneficial by some trainers.

What to Feed Your Koolie Canine

To maintain your canine’s coat shiny and their physique and thoughts match and wholesome, you will need to feed your Koolie canine a nutritious, balanced weight-reduction plan. All the time purchase top-quality pet food – dry meals (kibbles) is beneficial. This may be combined with moist meals or broth to make sure that they’re adequately hydrated. Keep away from sharing meals together with your canine.

Don’t share meals together with your Australian Koolie…

As a lot because it’s tempting to offer them slightly deal with out of your plate, this may trigger mineral and vitamin deficiencies, give them dental points and create choosy eaters! To forestall weight problems, your Koolie wants loads of train and meals appropriate for his or her breed.

Frequent Well being Points with the Koolie Breed

Puppy Dog Walking in Lake

As with many different canine breeds, the Koolie canine is liable to sure well being points on account of having a small gene pool. Beneath, we’ve got listed among the commonest well being situations:

  • Merle Gene Abnormalities: canines bred with the merle gene can undergo from quite a few defects, together with a smaller eye, off-center pupil, cataracts, blindness, and listening to loss. Respected breeders can have merle testing earlier than breeding.
  • Joint Issues: this hardy breed can, sadly, undergo from joint issues, possible as a result of they’re so lively and usually soar and twist greater than different breeds.
  • Pores and skin Allergy symptoms: the Australian Koolie just isn’t proof against pores and skin allergy symptoms and may undergo from allergy symptoms attributable to pesticides and herbicides.
  • Hip Dysplasia: it is a widespread situation with canines generally and can even have an effect on Koolies. This situation is a deformity of the hip that often happens throughout progress.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions:

Beneath, we’ve got answered your mostly requested questions relating to Koolie canines.

Q: Is a Koolie the identical as an Australian shepherd?

A: This working breed of canines is analogous in look, and a DNA take a look at would present that they’re certainly from the identical household. The distinction is that the Koolie originates from Australia, and the Australian shepherd originates from america. The Koolie is acknowledged by the Australian Sporting Registrar however not the Australian Nationwide Kennel Council, and their hard-working traits are closely promoted by the Koolie Membership of Australia.

Q: How a lot is a Koolie canine?

A: There are a lot of components to contemplate when shopping for or adopting a Koolie canine. Not solely will it’s a must to counter the worth of the canine, but additionally dwelling prices equivalent to meals, veterinarian therapy, toys, pet insurance coverage, and extra.

The common Koolie prices round $400-$600, and every canine has a mean litter measurement of six puppies.

Q: Purchase or undertake?

A: It is best to all the time purchase from a good breeder. We suggest trying on the Koolie Membership of Australia for skilled recommendation on this breed.

Established in 2000, the Koolie Membership of Australia presents implausible recommendation on what to search for when shopping for a pet from this breed. Alternatively, you may go to the Australian Koolie rescue. Koolie rescue provides you with data on every thing you have to find out about Koolie adoption.

Q: Do Koolie canines make good pets?

A: These canines make glorious pets in case you are keen to work with them! They aren’t for everybody as they’re lively canines that require a variety of psychological and bodily stimulation. However for the proper household, these clever canines are hard-working and a pleasure to coach. You’ll be able to train them quite a few methods, and should you work on a farm, then you may relaxation assured that they are going to be capable to herd your inventory like a professional. Additionally they stay usually wholesome lives and may stay as much as 18 years previous.

Q: How lengthy do Koolie Canines stay?

A: The lifespan of a Koolie canine relies upon largely on how nicely they’re cared for and if they’ve any well being issues. Assuming the canine is wholesome, they will stay between 12-18 years previous.

Q: Are Koolie canines simple to coach?

A: We suggest that you simply solely get one among these canines you probably have earlier expertise as a canine proprietor or are keen to do numerous analysis into canine coaching. It’s not that these canines want particular coaching, however as we’ve got beforehand talked about, they’re very lively and clever and have a robust personalities.

Optimistic reinforcement, versus reprimanding them, is a extra favorable strategy. Prepare your canine from a younger age and make sure you socialize them as quickly as they’re prepared.

Canine coaching requires consistency. Be sure to are agency however truthful and solely practice your canine briefly bursts as they will simply get bored!


This breed of canine has a definite look that’s stunning. Whether or not bred with a blue or pink merle, they show beautiful colours, markings, and generally completely different coloured eyes.

These canines are reliable, hard-working, and clever. They prefer to be each bodily and mentally stimulated, so toys and video games that problem them will hold them at their happiest.

The Australian Koolie is usually used on farms as they’re employee canines with a beautiful, pure capability to herd inventory. Nonetheless, they make nice household pets, too, as they’ve a mild temperament and usually are not recognized to bark excessively.

We suggest shopping for your canine from a trusted breeder or rescue heart. By no means, ever use pet farms as they’re deeply unethical. Another excuse to purchase from a beneficial breeder is that the canines usually tend to be wholesome and never have worrying well being situations that can generate giant veterinarian payments but additionally trigger misery to your four-legged buddy.


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