How To Make a Hen Coop Door


So that you’ve completed your masterpiece of a rooster coop, however now you’re questioning about rooster coop doorways, the place to place them, and the right way to make them work.

I’ll cowl the place to place the door, a couple of coop door secrets and techniques that can make it simpler to maintain your henhouse clear, the right way to construct a small hardware-free door for the chickens, and an enormous person-sized door for you.

The Steps Concerned in Constructing Your Hen Coop Door

  1. Think about Your Coop’s Wants
  2. View Plans To Collect Concepts
  3. Making a Guidelines of Instruments & Gear for The Hen Coop Door
  4. Constructing The Door
    1. Measure
    2. Mark And Lower a Gap
    3. Measure And Lower Constructing Supplies to Measurement
    4. Assemble the Door
    5. Connect the Door To The Constructing
    6. Take a look at And Make Changes If Obligatory
    7. Connect {Hardware}
    8. Connect Locks (Non-obligatory)
    9. Get pleasure from

How To Make A Chicken Coop Door Finished Product

My coop makes use of a recycled exterior door for the person door.

I made this man-door for my tiny goat barn.

Goat Barn

Constructing a Hen Coop Door: Issues

As you start researching your door challenge, you’ll shortly notice that there are a couple of hundred completely different designs, types, and choices for rooster doorways.

Nobody sort is ideal, however some types are higher fitted to you, your flock, your space, and your henhouse than others.

Let’s cowl some components you need to take into account earlier than deciding on the door. You go to this coop at the least as soon as a day on daily basis and can work together with the door quite a bit, so it must be purposeful and thoughtfully made. 

How Large Ought to A Hen Door Be? 

For those who plan to maintain quite a lot of rooster breeds of all sizes, go along with a dimension that’s accommodating in your largest fowl, often a rooster.

A 4-inch huge, six-inch tall door is enough in case you’ll completely home bantams or quail.

For bigger birds, like Brahmas or Jersey Giants, the door must be 12-inches huge and 14-inches tall. 

Many individuals make the coop door greater than it must be. In hotter climates, an outsized door might help ventilate the coop.

For colder climates, you need a small door that chickens should squeeze by means of to assist keep the coop’s heat. 

The place Ought to I Put The Hen Coop Door? 

Doorways on the south, east, and west sides of the coop will permit sunshine inside, which might help naturally kill off dangerous micro organism, as confirmed by trusted researchers on the College of Oregon.

Doorways affixed onto these sides can even heat the coop all through the day. 

Coop doorways on the north facet of the coop will restrict sunshine and will maintain it marginally cooler all through the day.

For those who dwell in a cooler local weather, you don’t need the door to face prevailing winds, as it will actually chill the henhouse. However in a hotter atmosphere, that breeze may very well be a cool aid. 

One other factor you need to take into account is nesting field and roosting perch placements.

You don’t wish to attain beneath birds to close the door as a result of there’s a good likelihood your treasured fowl will depart a smelly present in your arms, again, or head. You additionally don’t wish to bump your head on the bins or perches.

I’m talking from expertise right here.

Inside the Chicken Coop

Lastly, take a second to think about how excessive up you need the door gap to be. For those who ever wish to use the deep litter technique, elevate the door a couple of inches off the bottom so it may well accommodate the litter with out it spilling out the door. 

My goat barn has the door on the bottom, however my rooster coop’s door is healthier elevated. 

I prefer to have an elevated entry the place chickens should stroll up a ramp to get into the rooster coop.

If the run ever will get muddy (right here’s a pro-tip, throw down these sawdust pellets to absorb mud), the ramp will act as a “rug” that can forestall the chickens from monitoring all of it into the coop. 

Ought to a Hen Coop Door Swing In or Out?

Hen coops ought to open outwards so it’s tougher for predators to power them open. It’s a lot simpler to strengthen a door that opens outwards fairly than inwards.

Chickens might roost on the door if it swings inward. You’ll should relocate a rooster or two earlier than you’ll be able to shut the rooster coop door every night.

As for “man doorways” or “people-size doorways,” every route has execs and cons.

When the person door opens inwards, it’s simpler to maintain chickens from sneaking previous you and getting unfastened.

Nonetheless, a door that swings indoors will need to have a threshold at the least a foot off the bottom to accommodate the deep litter technique.

In any other case, will probably be a wrestle to shut.

If the door opens outwards, it might be barely harder for predators, particularly bigger ones like bears, to power it open.

You’ll be able to reinforce the within of the door to take a couple of heavy hits with out bursting open on impression.

For those who plan to place electrical wire on the skin of your coop as predator protection, it’s simpler to make the door swing out fairly than in.

You’ll be able to connect the electrical wire to the outside of the door fairly simply. (demonstration of an electrical wire being hooked up to a door opening outwards)

Do I Need To Open The Door From The Inside or Outdoors? Each?

If the rooster coop door results in an enclosed rooster run you can’t entry, you need to function the door from contained in the coop.

If the door results in free-range and never a run, you might have considered trying to have the ability to entry it from the within and out of doors, however be sure predators can’t determine the latching mechanisms. 

In case your coop is sufficiently small you can’t stroll into it, it ought to solely be accessible from the skin. 

Ought to I Add a “Man Door” To My Hen Coop?

In case your coop is giant sufficient to have a person-sized door, then you need to completely add one. It’s a lot simpler to scrub and monitor a coop in case you can stroll inside it. Simply because you’ll be able to attain all corners of the coop with a shovel, rake, or energy washer doesn’t imply that you simply’ll get pleasure from not having full entry to the coop. 

Most individuals underestimate how messy chickens are and the way typically they’ll have to get contained in the coop to choose up unfastened containers and clear up litter and manure. Save your self the difficulty and add a person door, even in case you don’t assume you’ll use it that usually. 

Don’t overlook to make the door operable from either side; you don’t wish to get trapped within the coop with no approach out. 

Ought to I Padlock the Door? 

Padlocked rooster coops include a number of execs and cons. 


  • Undesirable guests, like individuals and predators, can not entry the coop.
  • Padlocks are robust and good reinforcements. If the latch and door are as robust because the lock, then your coop will probably be almost impenetrable. 
  • Your chickens will probably be additional safe and gained’t be capable of escape by means of the door by pushing it open


  • It’s important to maintain monitor of the important thing and convey it with you on each go to
  • Different individuals must have your key to entry the coop, you’ll want to make additional copies
  • It takes a second to unlock padlocked coops. The padlock will briefly sluggish you down if there’s a catastrophe, like a fireplace (I do know, I don’t like to consider that both). 

What Sort of Predators Ought to I Plan In opposition to?

Often, hawks and different birds of prey pose the best menace to yard chickens, however fortunately they aren’t more likely to break right into a coop at night time. They like to swoop down through the day to steal chickens. 

Stray canines, wolves, and coyotes are additionally predators, however they aren’t a menace as long as your coop doesn’t have any unsecured openings for them to nostril into. 

Intelligent Racoons

Raccons and a few black bears will be capable of determine sure latches. They’ve arms and clever little minds that allow them open nearly something a human can. Black bears are additionally good critters who’ve the psychological and bodily skills to be a menace to you and your coop.

These two can determine even one thing as difficult as a carabiner clip or canine leash clip. 

Sturdy Grizzly Bears

Some animals don’t have the endurance or the thumbs to work a latch or lock, and can as an alternative use brute power to try to interrupt in. 

Grizzly bears could also be deterred by having an extra-strong stable wooden door, a robust electrical fence, or utilizing mounted unwelcome mats (plywood with sharp nails working by means of them and pointing outwards each two sq. inches, so the bear can’t push to power the door open). 

What Sort of Local weather Do I Must Put together For? 

Insulated Doorways

For chilly areas, you need to get a heavy door that’s both insulated or fabricated from a thick materials like stable wooden. The door also needs to be as draft-free as doable. Draftiness is often worse for chickens than an outright chilly snap. 

Display screen Doorways 

For warmer climates, a display screen door can present security whereas selling wholesome air flow within the coop. Be sure you use {hardware} fabric and even stronger supplies to maintain the predators out at night time. You may also pair a display screen door with a stable door, so the display screen may be open through the day whereas the heavy door closes and protects at night time. 

Livestock Strip Curtains

If the door has to remain open throughout chilly climate, take into account attaching livestock strip curtains. It will retain a substantial quantity of warmth whereas giving your animals free entry out and in of the coop. I strongly advocate pairing these curtains with a sturdy door you’ll be able to securely latch at night time. 

Ought to I Add a Ramp To The Hen Coop Door? 

Including a ramp to the rooster coop door acts like a built-in rug to catch a variety of the sand, filth, and dust out of your chickens’ toes as they enter the coop. It retains the coop cleaner.

Plus, in case your coop door sits greater than a foot off the bottom, it may well assist your chickens, particularly heavier breeds like Wyandottes and Cochins. Heavier birds can’t hop like lighter birds, so they are going to respect the ramp. 

Make sure the ramp has some traction so that they don’t slip (chickens can fall and break bones similar to individuals), and it’s at the least as huge because the door. You’ll be able to lay shingles or rooster wire to the ramp for simple traction.

Ought to I Use an Automated Coop Door? 

Automated coop doorways are a recreation changer. Maybe I simply dwell beneath a rock, however I’ve saved chickens since 2010 and solely lately realized about doorways throughout the previous three years. What a tremendous invention. 

Automated doorways open and shut at daybreak and nightfall (or everytime you program them to), which implies you don’t must be outdoors, awake, or at house throughout these two elements of the day. They permit your chickens to maintain a constant schedule, decreasing their stress and growing their security.

How To Make A Chicken Coop Door

Constructing Your Hen Coop Door: Designs and Plans

Listed below are a couple of rooster coop door designs to think about. 

Vertical Sliding Door

Vertical sliding doorways are straightforward to function, straightforward to strengthen, and fast to put in, and also you don’t have to fret about chickens roosting on them. 

Horizontal Sliding Door

Horizontal sliding doorways are straightforward to put in and function. Nonetheless, the tracks can get soiled fairly shortly with discarded rooster feed (chickens like to scratch) and rooster manure. It’s possible you’ll have to filter out the trail from time to time, however on the intense facet, they’re straightforward to strengthen towards predators. 

Handbook and Automated Pop Gap Doorways

Pop gap doorways are the basic rooster coop door. They open in or out and connect on the prime of the opening, not on the sides. 

You may make them open inwards or outwards, however they must be fixed up, or they are going to fall closed. Don’t attempt to use a persist with prop them open as a result of your chickens will inadvertently knock that down occasionally. 

Double Dutch Door

Double doorways, or dutch doorways, are dual-purpose and permit you and your chickens to enter the run. More often than not, you’ll simply open the underside portion for the chickens, however in case you ever have to catch a rooster or clear the run, they make it straightforward so that you can get out and in. You don’t want to crawl by means of a small rooster door or take your rooster run aside in these conditions. 

Curtain Door

Curtain doorways ought to most likely not be used alone, however they could be a welcome addition to a different door sort. Curtain doorways retain warmth whereas giving animals free entry to the coop and run (or free vary). 

Swing Door

Swing doorways open through hinges on the left or proper of the door. They’re straightforward to put in and function however will not be as straightforward to strengthen if one thing pushes on them. Nonetheless, most individuals don’t have to fret about giant predators, and that is enough. 

Instruments and Supplies Wanted To Construct a Hen Door


  • A noticed, like a round noticed (Skilsaw) or a reciprocating noticed (Sawzall). Don’t have one? Preplan your door and ask somebody at your native ironmongery shop to chop the wooden you purchase to dimension for you. 
  • Screws or nails. A drill or impression, or a hammer. Screws have higher energy, however nails are acceptable too. 
  • A tape measure
  • A attempt sq.
  • A stage
  • A pencil


  • {Hardware} and Hinges
  • Latch
  • Lock
  • Wooden planks


Your door is just as stable and steady because the hinges it hangs on.

You’ll be able to go as easy or fancy as you want to right here. For those who’re additionally constructing a person door, examine that the hinges and the screw you employ are robust sufficient for the door’s weight. 

T-hinges are my go-to, however different hinges work too. 


Ensure that the latch is powerful, straightforward so that you can maneuver, however not so easy {that a} predator can determine it out (or select a latch to which you’ll be able to add a lock). 

This rooster coop door latch routinely locks when it closes. I don’t advocate it for coops you can stroll into as a result of it’ll lock you inside. It’s glorious for small hutch-style rooster coops, although. particularly in case you steadily overlook to latch the door. 

My dairy goat barn’s man door makes use of a stall-style latch. I did alter it, although, so the bolt slips instantly into the doorframe fairly than the small steel piece. I additionally used longer screws than those supplied for added reinforcement. 

The easy cabin hook and eye latch are good for locking coop doorways from the within (if you can be strolling again outdoors through a person door) or holding open the coop door through the day. 

When you’ve got a sliding door, you’ll most likely need a latch like this one in your coop. 


T-Deal with door locks work effectively. 

You may also get a conventional house exterior door knob; it really works as a latch and a lock. 

For those who’re susceptible to misplacing your keys, attempt a door knob with keyless entry

Padlocks are one other easy resolution. 

How To Construct a Hen Coop Door: Step By Step


Measure the opening in your coop. Most individuals go for a ten x 12-inch gap, however this could fluctuate relying in your breed dimension and local weather. Colder climates want smaller holes; hotter ones want bigger holes. 

You also needs to measure how far up you need the coop door to sit down. Twelve to eighteen inches is often a very good placement. 

Mark And Lower a Gap.

Determine the place you need the opening, and mark it with a pencil. Lower the opening out. You should utilize a handbook handsaw or a reciprocating noticed to get this performed. 

Measure And Lower Constructing Supplies to Measurement

Lower the boards to border the opening, after which the boards to behave as a door on that body. 

Assemble the Door

Screw or nail the door framing up first. Then assemble the door. You’ll be able to reduce out a sq. piece of plywood for the rooster door or connect a board or two to create the door. 

For those who’re making a person door too, be sure it’s a few half inch smaller top and width-wise in order that it suits inside your doorway with out scraping. 

For this door, I laid three ten-inch huge boards on stage floor, facet by facet. Then, I screwed two brief two-by-fours to the boards’ prime and backside so they’d run parallel to the bottom.

Subsequent, I reduce a two-by-six at an angle so it could create a Z sample, with the highest of the board dealing with outwards to assist the highest of the door when it swings open. I additionally added a two-by-four that ran from the highest left facet of the Z all the way down to the underside left facet, only for added assist.

How To Make Chicken Coop Door For Humans

I hooked up a sq. ten-inch board to 2 two-by-six boards for the little door. I simply elevate it in and misplaced on daily basis. There isn’t any {hardware} wanted for this kind.

DIY Chicken Coop Door

Connect the Body and Door To The Constructing

My henhouse and goat barn doorways each work on a vertical slide.

I simply screwed two vertical boards to the edges of the opening after which two horizontal boards to the tops and bottoms of those vertical boards on the prime and backside of the opening.

To shut these doorways, I simply drop my sliding door down into the opening I created with the door body.

DIY Chicken Coop Door 2

For the little goat barn, I slipped a skinny board between the underside of the door and the brink after which screwed within the hinges.

This was a little bit of a trick due to their weight, however that skinny piece of wooden supported the burden and ensured that the door wasn’t sitting instantly on the brink. After I put the hinges up, I eliminated the board and examined the door. Success! 

Take a look at And Make Changes

It could not work completely instantly, however that’s alright. Centering doorways isn’t straightforward; it might take you a attempt or two earlier than it clears all 4 sides and sits stage.

Once I first closed my barn door, I noticed it was troublesome to open from the within. I screwed the leftover two-by-four piece from the brace on the within of the door, and now it really works as a very good makeshift deal with.

Chicken Coop Door For Humans

Connect {Hardware}

Both drill a gap into the framing of your door, or screw the catch piece onto the facet of your coop. Then, fastidiously line up the bolt with the opening, and connect it firmly utilizing screws. I at all times exchange the producer’s screws with longer ones.

Chicken Coop Door For Humans Lock

I additionally hooked up a cabin hook and eye to the again of my door, so I can effortlessly maintain the door open once I muck the barn out. If it isn’t held open, it closes by itself, which isn’t handy while you’ve acquired a forkful of manure.

Locks For Human Chicken Coop Door

Connect Locks (Non-obligatory)

In case your latch or knob doesn’t include a lock, connect that now. Most simply clip proper on. 

Get pleasure from.

Attempt the door, after which lure your chickens over and get them to test it out too. You place a variety of effort into this; it’s okay to attempt to persuade them to assume it’s as cool as you do.

How To Make a Hen Coop Door: Last Ideas

Constructing a door in your coop shouldn’t be intimidating; many individuals have performed it earlier than, and it isn’t an advanced course of. 

You’ve now been armed with all the knowledge you’ll want to select the place to place your door, make the door body, construct the door, connect it, and even automate it as soon as it’s in place. Now it’s only a matter of placing it collectively.  

Are you questioning the right way to construct the remainder of the coop? We’ve acquired that lined for you too. 


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