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Elephantastic Information – Fascinating Elephant Information


48 giant mammal species discover refuge and safety inside the 31,000 hectares of Mashatu Recreation Reserve.  If we needed to decide one as the long-lasting species, it must be the African Elephant. Mashatu is dwelling to the biggest inhabitants of those mild giants on privately owned land in Africa.

Whether or not you’re out on a recreation drive, biking, strolling or spending time in our photographic cover the place encounters are up shut and private, you’re virtually assured to have an unimaginable encounter with the biggest dwelling land mammal on the earth.

Listed below are some attention-grabbing details to ponder whereas watching them go about their lives of their pure habitat.

Tusk details:

  • Elephant tusks are elongated incisor enamel which might be discovered on each women and men, nevertheless, not all elephants have tusks attributable to a genetic mutation. This principally happens in feminine elephants, and as with most elephant populations in Africa, Mashatu has some tuskless elephants.
  • Elephant tusks develop all through their life and may they weigh as much as 45kg every. Not like their different enamel, they solely have one set of tusks and in the event that they lose them they won’t regrow.
  • Elephants use their tusks to dig for water in dry river beds, strip bark from timber and as a weapon.
  • Identical to people they are usually left-tusk or right-tusk dominant. You’ll be able to inform by the tusk that’s extra worn down which facet is their dominant facet.

Trunk details:

  • An elephant’s trunk has over 40,000 muscle tissue and may weigh as a lot as 140kg.
  • This one appendage serves as a nostril, hand, instrument and weapon. It may be used to push down a tree, decide up a feather or consolation a distressed calf.
  • Elephants use their trunks to syphon water after which pour it from their trunk into their mouth to drink. They will maintain as much as 12 litres of water of their trunks.

  • Additionally they use their trunks to spray water, mud or mud over themselves.
  • Elephant calves solely study to make use of their trunks by about 6-8 months, and watching them play and study to make use of their trunks will be very comical.

Consuming and consuming:

  • They devour between 150 and 200kg of meals a day (4-7% of their physique weight).
  • They solely ingest about 40-50% leaving an terrible lot to come back out – about 100kg of poop a day.
  • In a day, an elephant can drink 200 liters (50 gallons) of water.

Enjoyable details:

  • Elephants can swim and use their trunks as snorkels.
  • Elephants are the one mammal that can’t leap.

Nothing is extra fascinating and rewarding than sitting quietly watching herds of elephants work together inside their very own herd and with different herds.  These iconic mammals require an enormous habitat, and happily on this Land of Giants, now we have a large 31,000 hectares by which they will discover refuge.

By Janet Kleyn


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