Can You Determine This Thriller Hen Breed?


Chickens and different poultry members are available in all sizes, shapes, colours and personalities. Almost 400 acknowledged breeds and types of poultry exist, together with large-fowl and bantam chickens, geese, geese, turkeys and guinea fowl.

Utilizing our illustration and some chosen hints, are you able to guess which breed now we have depicted right here? Discover out the reply under!


  • This thriller breed was first developed in Europe from Japanese breeds dropped at the continent by French missionaries. 
  • Murray McMurray Hatchery describes males as having “spectacular lengthy tails and saddle feathers,” whereas “females are good layers of sunshine cream-colored eggs.”
  • This quiet and delicate breed was acknowledged by the American Poultry Affiliation in 1981 as a regular breed in White and Purple Shouldered varieties. 
  • They’re named after the second-largest metropolis in Japan (by inhabitants) and not a well-liked model of car tire!

Thriller Breed Reply

The breed depicted above is the long-tailed Purple Shouldered Yokohama, which is primarily used for exhibition. The Yokohama is a regal, slim breed with a gamelike look. This small breed is available in normal and bantam sizes and has extremely lengthy tails that sweep the bottom.

Normal cocks weigh 4 1/2 kilos; hens, 3 1/2. Bantam cocks weigh 26 ounces; hens, 22. Yokohamas are docile, pleasant, unusually quiet and bear confinement effectively, however they do require particular housing to accommodate their lengthy tails. Hens are poor layers of small, tinted eggs. 

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This text initially appeared within the September/October 2022 subject of Chickens journal.


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