Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone? What You Want To Know!


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When you’re a proud Dachshund proprietor, you’d in all probability like to spend each second of the day along with your affectionate pup. Sadly, that is an unimaginable dream for most individuals, and it’s possible you’ll surprise if it’s okay on your Dachshund to be left alone. Relying on their age, Dachshunds might be safely left alone for brief intervals, however they in all probability received’t prefer it very a lot.

On this article, we’ll discuss how lengthy you’ll be able to depart your Dachshund house alone and how one can maintain them secure and entertained whenever you accomplish that. We’ll additionally cowl a few of the indicators of separation anxiousness and what to do in case you discover your Dachshund displaying them.

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How Lengthy Can a Dachshund Keep Dwelling Alone?

Typically, an grownup Dachshund needs to be left house alone for not more than 4–6 hours. Some canines could possibly tolerate longer intervals, however Dachshunds usually tend to desire quick solo time solely.

As small canines, Dachshunds can’t maintain their pee so long as massive canines and have to be walked extra steadily to keep away from accidents. As a breed, Dachshunds are exceptionally social and typically liable to being clingy. These traits could make it troublesome for them to remain house alone for lengthy intervals with out growing emotional and behavioral points.

Older Dachshunds, Dachshund puppies, and canines with medical issues, resembling diabetes, normally can’t be left alone for so long as wholesome adults.

Puppies shouldn’t be left alone for greater than an hour when youthful than 10–12 weeks. They will’t maintain their pee for very lengthy at that age, and profitable home coaching requires frequent potty breaks. The early weeks of the pet’s life are additionally vital intervals for socialization and growing a relationship with the human household.

Dachshund puppies left alone too typically could wrestle to type correct bonds with their household and usually tend to develop anxiousness and different behavioral points sooner or later.

Older Dachshunds and people with medical situations typically want extra frequent rest room breaks. They might additionally require medicines or nearer supervision, which makes it a security challenge for them to be left alone.

Leaving Your Dachshund Dwelling Alone

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When it’s worthwhile to depart your Dachshund house alone, you’ll be able to take some primary steps to make its solo time extra profitable. The aim is on your canine to be snug, secure, and entertained whereas they’re on their very own.


When leaving any canine house alone, you’ll want to guard your pet from hazard, resembling safely storing poisonous crops, cleaners, or medicines. Be certain that your pup can’t get into the trash, chew electrical cords, or ingest different international substances.

Due to their lengthy our bodies and quick legs, Dachshunds are at greater danger of again and neck accidents. Because of this distinctive hazard, Dachshund house owners should take further steps to maintain their canines secure.

Dachshunds ought to usually keep away from leaping on and off furnishings or stairs. Canine with a historical past of again accidents could have to keep away from climbing stairs. Use security gates to barricade your stairs if crucial. Place ramps or doggy stairs close to furnishings to offer your Dachshund a solution to rise up and down safely.

After all, the way in which to keep away from most, if not all, of those risks is to maintain your Dachshund in a crate when left alone. The subsequent best choice is to restrict your canine to a single small room that’s been dog-proofed. By no means depart your Dachshund outdoors unsupervised, even in a fenced yard.


Present your Dachshund with a cushty place to relaxation and snooze whilst you’re gone. In the event that they keep in a crate, add a mattress or blankets. Dachshunds take pleasure in burrowing and nesting, so they could take pleasure in having each choices.

In case your Dachshund is a harmful chewer, you’ll should be cautious which bedding you provide to make sure they don’t destroy and ingest any.

Be certain that your Dachshund has entry to water and meals. Take into account that in case your canine drinks plenty of water, it might have problem holding its bladder till you get house. You might present solely a small quantity whereas your canine is alone, but when that’s the case, restrict how lengthy you’re gone.

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To assist your good Dachshund keep entertained whereas left alone, present quite a lot of toys. Secure chew objects, puzzle toys, and balls to chase are all choices. In case your Dachshund lives with one other canine good friend, take into account tug toys or ropes they will use collectively.

One other pet may also maintain your Dachshund entertained; nonetheless, if in case you have any considerations over how properly they get alongside, don’t depart them alone collectively. Dachshunds have been bred to hunt rodents, and it’s seemingly not secure to go away them alone with small unique pets and probably even cats, relying on how well-socialized they’re collectively.

In case you are away from house longer than 4–6 hours, take into account asking a good friend or neighbor to come back by and play with and stroll your Dachshund.

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Dealing With Separation Nervousness

Some Dachshunds could not tolerate being left alone properly and develop indicators of separation anxiousness. To reduce this danger, socialize your Dachshund early and regularly, serving to them really feel safe and assured on their very own with out counting on you. Steadily get your Dachshund used to staying house alone by beginning with quick journeys and dealing as much as the complete 4–6 hours or extra.

Monitor your Dachshund for indicators of separation anxiousness.

Some frequent signs embody:

  • Extreme barking, howling, or whining
  • Home soiling
  • Chewing and harmful conduct
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Drooling
  • Licking and chewing themselves

There are a number of potential options relying on how extreme your Dachshund’s separation anxiousness turns into.

Many canines really feel safer in a crate; as we talked about, additionally they assist maintain your canine secure. Leaving a TV or radio on can maintain your Dachshund firm. Interactive pet cameras are actually obtainable that mean you can see and speak to your canine from afar.

Ask your vet if anxiousness remedy is suitable for extra extreme instances, resembling in case your Dachshund begins to harm itself. You can additionally take into account enrolling your pup in a doggy daycare program in the event that they don’t appear blissful at house alone.

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Whereas some Dachshunds could tolerate being left alone higher than others, the breed is mostly too social to deal with prolonged intervals on their very own. When deciding which canine breed will greatest fit your life-style, tolerance of being left alone is one issue it is best to take into account.

As we mentioned, there are lots of steps you’ll be able to take to assist your Dachshund get used to spending at the least some time alone. Nonetheless, in case you lead a busy life-style and are hardly ever at house, a distinct breed and even one other kind of pet could also be a greater choice.

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