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ELLIE:  Mr. Waaaaaafffles! Whatcha doing down there? 

WAFFLES:  You realize, the standard. Simply trying good-looking for all my girlfriends.

ELLIE:  Can I look good-looking with you too?

WAFFLES:  It is type of a mancat factor, Ellie. 

ELLIE:  A mancat factor? 
WAFFLES:  You are type of girly…you understand, like Glogirly. What with all that eyeliner and all.

About Immediately’s Images

Each time we share one among Ellie’s pictures, we hear about her lovely eyeliner. It is fairly arduous to be jealous of a bit kitty, however Glogirly certain would certain adore it if she may apply eyeliner as purr-fectly as Miss Ellie! That is a type of elusive make-up tips Glogirly has by no means been capable of grasp.

It simply so occurs that Ellie’s little pink nostril is the colour of Glogirly’s lip gloss too.  Glogirly could also be half cat, and Ellie certain is an element Glogirly. 💕


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