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Are your seeds coated with superior expertise?


Superior seed expertise presents farmers with the chance to introduce extra resilient crops, enhance yields and adapt to a extra dynamic farming setting to make sure a sustainable future.

Are your seeds coated with advanced technology?

For over 20 years farmers in South Africa have relied on Agricote Superior Seed Know-how to remain forward of the curve. On the coronary heart of Agricote’s expertise is steady improvement that leverages each discipline and laboratory analysis to drive precision agriculture.

With Agricote, farmers are in a position to enhance their seed placement for extra correct planting. The seed expertise additionally boosts flowability of the seed in new era planters and it additionally protects seeds in opposition to biting and sucking bugs. These are just a few of the numerous advantages of Agricote’s revolutionary seed expertise.

Agricote Enchanced Seeds include lime coating, binding polymer, vitamins, progress stimulants, protecting polymer, fungicide insecticide, and if required, a Rhizobia inoculant.  These protecting layers present improved survival of seedlings.

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