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Chickens, like most mammals and birds, are susceptible to worms.

This text is all about hen wormers.

A few of these little beasties may cause all types of issues to your chickens.

We will provide you with a ‘worm primer,’ what they’re, what they do, and easy methods to deal with them earlier than explaining easy methods to stop them.

There are just a few completely different worms, so we are going to take every one individually and run via signs, causes, and cures, together with hen wormers.

Chicken Wormer

Yard Chickens and Worms 101

Earlier than we begin, please do your self and the hens a favor. 

Collect some poop out of your chickens and take it to your veterinarian.

They may have the ability to carry out a smear slide or float take a look at.

This take a look at will precisely inform you whether or not or not you could worm your chickens. 

It’s fast and comparatively cheap and will prevent the price of shopping for unneeded worming drugs.

Overuse of worming treatment causes the worm to ultimately turn into proof against the worming drugs.

Vets are already seeing this.

Direct and Oblique Lifecycle of the Worm

Chicken Wormers

Parasitic worms will be divided into direct and oblique life cycles. 

What does that imply?

A worm with a direct lifecycle lives its’ whole cycle inside a hen. 

The eggs are shed in hen poop, and when one other hen pecks at it, that hen turns into contaminated too.

An oblique lifecycle entails one other species (normally slugs, earthworms, or snails). The parasite is ingested when the hen eats the earthworm.

Some parasites have much more advanced lifecycles, however I received’t bore you to dying right here!

Typical Medicine for Hen Worms

Vetrx Poultry Aid
Vetrx Poultry Assist
  • Pure and efficient reduction from worms.
  • Both apply on to particular person chickens or place into their water to deal with at a flock stage.
  • Totally pure treatment that may be administered in seconds.

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Durvet Ivermectin Pour On De-wormer
Durvet Ivermectin Pour On De-wormer
  • Easy, straightforward to make use of, pour on hen wormer.
  • Simply pour the answer in your hen’s neck to remove worms.
  • You should utilize this product on particular person hens or in your whole flock.

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Fleming Wazine Chicken De-wormer
Fleming Wazine Hen De-wormer
  • Easy and straightforward to make use of for flock-wide prevention and remedy.
  • Simply combine the answer with both feed or water, to deal with your hens.
  • Use warning with laying hens because it usually has lifetime withdrawal.
  • Could be efficient in as little as 24 hours.

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Forms of Worms which are Dangerous to Chickens

Capillary Worms

These are small thread-like worms, so small you can not see them with the bare eye – a magnifying lens will present them. 

A number of kinds of capillary worms will dwell within the chickens’ crops, intestines, and ceca of the hen.

In extreme infestations, they will transfer up into the throat and mouth of the hen.

Capillary worms will be ingested by consuming earthworms and slugs or rooting via the well-built-up litter.


The hen will turn into weak and anemic with a pale comb. 

It would look poorly, lower urge for food, seem emaciated, and typically have diarrhea. 

In extreme infestations, the hen could die.


There are a number of drug remedies for these worms. 

You need to seek the advice of your veterinarian as a few of these drugs haven’t been accredited to be used in poultry.

After all, when you deal with the birds, you could not eat the eggs or meat for the specified withdrawal interval.


Two causes spring to thoughts:

  1. Firstly, though slight, there’s a chance of a human allergic response to the treatment.
  2. Secondly, repeated publicity to low-dose drugs can result in microbe resistance.

Gape Worms

Gape worms (Syngamus trachea) are nasty issues. They inhabit the windpipe of birds and feed on the blood they get hold of from the micro-blood vessels.

In extreme infections, the worms may cause a partial obstruction of the windpipe resulting in the hen gasping or gasping for air.

They appear like a Y form; this, the truth is, is the female and male locked collectively in nearly everlasting copulation.

The eggs are coughed up, swallowed, and excreted within the poop, the place the subsequent hen will decide it up.


The affected birds will look shabby and run down. 

They might cough and ceaselessly gasp for air; you’ll additionally discover a decreased meals consumption.

Worms in Chicken

Tape Worms

Tapeworms are flat, segmented ribbon-like worms that connect themselves to the intestinal lining.

The shed segments are fairly straightforward to see within the poop – they’re flat, rectangular, and white. Tapeworms are comparatively unusual in chickens.


They suck vitamin out of the host resulting in weight reduction, emaciation, melancholy, and a usually unkempt look.

In rising juveniles, a scarcity of correct vitamin can result in stunting of progress.

When the tapeworm sheds a few of its segments, every will include an egg that may be eaten by beetles, slugs, snails, and many others.

In due flip, the contaminated insect is eaten by a hen, so the oblique cycle continues.


Roundworms have a direct lifecycle – they dwell their lives within the hen. 

An contaminated hen will shed the eggs in her poop; one other hen will peck at it and turn into contaminated themselves.

They’re essentially the most frequent worm infestations in chickens

The bare eye can see the worms as they’re fairly lengthy – they will develop as much as 6 inches (12 cm) in some instances.

They dwell within the small gut of the hen.


These worms may cause pale comb and wattles, decreased urge for food, shabby look, diarrhea, losing, and stunted progress.

In extreme overloads, they will trigger an intestinal blockage killing the hen.

Eye Worms

Manson’s eye worm was once a solely tropical illness, however lately has moved into the hotter areas of the temperate zones – such because the southern States of the US.

As its title implies, the worm lives within the eye of the affected hen. 

An infection is normally attributable to contaminated cockroaches, though contaminated feed, bedding, or poop from an contaminated hen can unfold the illness.


A tacky discharge from the attention may cause the eyelids to stay collectively. 

If untreated, your hen will scratch on the eye, conjunctivitis, decreased urge for food, droopy head, and eventual blindness.

The attention worm is handled with particular treatment obtained out of your veterinarian.

Cecal Worms

Cecal Worms in chickens are widespread and don’t trigger a lot of an issue.

They dwell within the ceca of the hen and have a direct lifecycle.


An overload will trigger the hen to look depressed and have a ratty look.

We point out it at the moment as a result of the cecal worm is liable for the Blackheads in turkeys. Ideally, you received’t increase turkeys and chickens collectively.

Chicken Wormer

Management and Prevention of Worms

Prevention is the easiest way to go relating to your flock’s well being. 

On this part, we’re going to provide you with some useful hints and strategies to try to hold your hens in wonderful situation utilizing pure merchandise.

Before everything is sweet husbandry. Maintaining your coops and hen areas clear and never letting the hen waste pile up is a good begin. 

Diatomaceous Earth will help hold down the variety of parasites within the coop – particularly lice and mites.

If potential, it is best to rotate your hens via completely different areas to forestall a soil build-up of parasites.

Many parasites (not simply worms) love heat, damp locations – they thrive in these situations. Hold the runs and surrounding areas the place the chickens go as dry as potential. 

Fill in these mud puddles with pebbles, sand, and dust to discourage standing water.

Hold the grassy areas that your chickens use brief. 

The UV rays from the solar will destroy many eggs and pests.

Make certain your birds have clear, contemporary water accessible always. 

Including Apple Cider Vinegar to the water discourages the expansion of algae and mosquitoes. 

The ratio is 1 tablespoon of ACV to 1 gallon of water – you solely want to do that 2-3 occasions every week.

You can too add crushed or minced garlic to the water. 

2-3 cloves ought to be ample.

Pure wormers equivalent to Verm-X can be utilized safely along with your flock. 

It’s a natural preparation that’s been round for some time now. There’s all the time controversy over its efficacy, with some people swearing by it and others saying it’s ineffective.

Hold feed, treats, and different meals off the ground to keep away from contamination.

You can too strive Vet Rx as a common tonic to your girls – one other natural preparation that’s been round longer than I’ve!

Store For Hen Wormers Now

FAQs On Hen Wormers

The best way to deworm chickens?

You should utilize any of the hen dewormers that we prompt. You may give them orally (I think about it’s robust to get them to take it), via their feed or water, and the opposite one (Ivermectin) you’ll be able to pour on the hen’s neck.

Hen Wormers: Abstract

We hope this has helped you to familiarize yourself with worms! 

As all the time, do your homework, get a fecal float take a look at performed, and proceed with the remedy of your selection.

You have to be conscious that just a few of the wormers we talked about usually are not accredited to be used in poultry. 

They require the authorization of a veterinarian to be used in poultry.

Until your birds have a heavy worm load and are exhibiting signs of sickness, you would not have to worm your chickens. 

Wholesome grownup chickens not often undergo from worm overload.

They do have worms – that’s a reality of life. Nonetheless, the parasite and the host dwell collectively in a tolerant relationship in a wholesome hen.

I’ve hens that at the moment are 8-9 years previous; they’ve by no means been wormed as they haven’t exhibited any signs or issues.

Other people frequently worm their flock utilizing numerous wormers to forestall the worms from turning into proof against a number of of the drugs.

Use your greatest judgment, and observe your hens. 

In small flocks, it’s normally straightforward to see people who aren’t feeling perky; deal with them accordingly.

Tell us your ideas on worming chickens within the feedback part under…

Chicken Wormers

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