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4 Meals That Squirrels DO NOT Eat at Chicken Feeders!


Is there something that squirrels received’t eat?

bird food that squirrels don't eat at bird feeders

Many individuals, together with myself, have requested themselves this query! I do know I’ve watched helplessly as squirrels have overtaken my chook feeders. Resulting from their massive measurement, they preserve the birds away, and my avian buddies watch from a close-by perch as their meals disappears into the stomach of a squirrel.


To not point out that squirrels have numerous and extremely LARGE appetites. I’m certain you’ve gotten seen that chook meals has gotten costlier. It may be onerous to justify the excessive worth of chook seed when half of it goes to fattening up squirrels who depart little or no for the birds to eat.


So to assist management the quantity of meals squirrels devour, I made a listing of 4 varieties that squirrels don’t usually eat at chook feeders. Please observe that these rodents could strive a few of the meals beneath or eat them in small portions. However for essentially the most half, they shouldn’t spend hours and hours in your chook feeders in the event you use these meals.


#1. Safflower Seeds

safflower - best bird food

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Safflower seed has gotten the nickname the “miracle seed” as a result of most songbirds will readily eat it, however the majority of squirrels will ignore it! Birds like cardinals, jays, chickadees, and lots of others haven’t any drawback consuming safflower, however squirrels principally don’t contact it.


Since I can’t ask them immediately, I’m not precisely certain why squirrels don’t like safflower, however supposedly it has a bitter style. Mammals are inclined to have a better-developed sense of style than birds. I do know that utilizing safflower seeds sounds too good to be true, nevertheless it’s an excellent choice to make use of in your feeders that aren’t squirrel-proof.


Give it a attempt to see if it really works! It’s estimated that 90% of squirrels received’t eat safflower. My apologies in case you have one of many tremendous squirrels that eat safflower all day lengthy with a smile on their face. 🙂


#2. Nyjer Seeds (thistle)

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Nyjer seed, additionally referred to as “thistle,” is a tiny, black seed. Fortunately, it’s not really associated to thistle, so that you don’t have to fret about uneaten seeds rising into an annoying weed. In actual fact, earlier than it’s offered, Nyjer seeds are sterilized by warmth to allow them to’t germinate and develop.


These small seeds are nice for attracting goldfinches, finches, chickadees, and doves. However because of their tiny measurement, I’ve by no means seen a squirrel even try and eat one!


To make use of Nyjer seed, you’ll want to buy a feeder that makes a speciality of distributing it. Try the article beneath for extra data on these chook feeders.


#3. White Proso Millet

white proso millet birdseed

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Millet is a favourite meals amongst ground-feeding birds. It’s usually not offered individually however is included in MANY varieties of birdseed mixes.


And whereas white millet attracts plenty of birds that take pleasure in eating on the bottom, like juncos, sparrows, blackbirds, and doves, it is not going to attraction to squirrels. Curiously, millet is taken into account a grain, not a seed, and squirrels don’t hassle consuming this small, onerous meals.


A phrase of warning: Many birdseed mixes comprise crimson proso millet, which is crimson and a bit smaller than white millet. Floor-feeding birds will eat crimson millet, nevertheless it’s not their favourite. So, if doable, I might keep away from shopping for a combination that features crimson millet.


#4. Any meals coated with HOT PEPPER!


I’ve saved the most suitable choice for final! 🙂


Consider it or not, utilizing birdseed coated with sizzling pepper is an effective way to stop squirrels from consuming at your feeders! Critically, this technique works. After I use spicy meals, squirrels (and different mammals) take one whiff and determine to search for meals elsewhere.

hot pepper birdseed

And the very best half is that birds haven’t any drawback consuming sizzling pepper meals!


The “warmth” you are feeling in your mouth after consuming a sizzling pepper is brought on by a compound referred to as capsaicin. We really feel ache, discomfort, and burning after consuming sizzling peppers as a result of capsaicin messes with particular nerve endings in our mouth.


And right here is the loopy factor:


Solely MAMMALS are affected by capsaicin.


Birds don’t have a lot sense of style or scent, so they’re immune. In consequence, they can eat sizzling pepper birdseed all day lengthy and haven’t any sick results.


Simply take into consideration this reality for a second. The mammals that may trigger issues at your feeding station embrace not solely squirrels but additionally raccoons, chipmunks, rats, mice, and even bears! All these creatures have SUPER delicate noses, so all it takes is one scent, and they need to begin on the lookout for meals elsewhere.


I examined whether or not sizzling pepper seeds labored at my feeders. You possibly can watch beneath to see if it labored or not. 🙂

Try my YouTube channel HERE!


And please don’t fear in regards to the birds consuming spicy meals, because it’s protected. Merchandise that comprise capsaicin have been in the marketplace for a very long time. There aren’t any reviews of birders or ornithologists who’ve spoken in regards to the adversarial well being penalties for birds.


So the place can you purchase sizzling pepper chook meals?


Generally, there are TWO methods to amass sizzling pepper birdseed:


Possibility #1. Purchase birdseed already coated or infused with capsaicin.


The best factor you are able to do is purchase pre-made sizzling pepper birdseed. Simply open the bag and fill your feeders!


Whereas that is simple, it’s additionally comparatively costly. You’re paying for comfort. Beneath is the new pepper birdseed that I’ve used:  View Value – Amazon 

Food That Stops Squirrels From Eating

Cole’s Scorching Meats Sunflower Seed


Possibility #2. Make your personal sizzling pepper birdseed!


Getting ready your personal spicy meals is extra time-consuming, however it is going to prevent cash. I take advantage of the concentrated sizzling sauce pictured beneath and blend it with shelled sunflower seed.

hot pepper birdseed

Cole’s Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce


You should be cautious utilizing these items as a result of it’s sizzling and extremely painful to get the concentrated resolution in your face (talking from expertise). Listed below are three issues I do this assist preserve the sauce on the seeds and OFF me. 🙂

  • I’ve a 5-gallon bucket with a lid devoted to mixing and storing my selfmade sizzling pepper seed. It’s additionally individually marked, so nothing else ever goes into this bucket.
  • I’ve a devoted thick picket stake to combine the new sauce into the seeds. The stake is stored in a particular location, so I don’t unintentionally contact it with out gloves.


Earlier than we finish at this time, I would like you to know that I really do like squirrels, and they’re welcome to eat at my chook feeding station.


BUT I would like these acrobatic rodents to eat on the bottom. I don’t need them sitting on my chook feeders, scaring away the birds. 🙂


You possibly can even watch squirrels consuming proper now on my chook feeders. Try the 2 LIVE cameras which can be streaming in my yard HERE.


What meals do squirrels keep away from in your yard?


If in case you have every other suggestions or feedback, please depart one beneath!


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