150 Hebrew Cat Names With Meanings For Male & Feminine Cats


Hebrew is the attractive, historic language of the Bible. As soon as relegated to principally prayer and holy works, the fashionable state of Israel has revitalized Hebrew, turning it into a contemporary, spoken language.

However even earlier than its rebirth, among the hottest and customary names discovered around the globe have their roots in Hebrew. Wealthy with that means, Hebrew names are a beautiful selection not only for us hairless bipeds, however for our four-legged furry associates as properly.

Listed here are 150 Hebrew names to think about on your cat!

Greatest Male Hebrew Cat Names

  1. Achi – “My brother.” This identify is pronounced, “ahk-hi.”
  2. Adir – “Sturdy one.” The hymn “Adir Hu” or “He’s mighty” is a cheerful tune that has been sung across the desk at Passover seders for generations.
  3. Aharon – “Of the excessive mountain, exalted one.” That is the unique Hebrew pronunciation of Aaron, Moses’ priestly brother.
  4. Alon – “Oak tree.” Pronounced “Ah-lone.”
  5. Ami – “My folks.” Pronounced “Ah-mi.”
  6. Amir – “Prince.” That is an cute identify on your little prince.
  7. Anani – “My cloud.” A candy identify for a fluffy cat.
  8. Ari – “Lion.”  Different variations embody “Ariel” and “Ariyeh.”
  9. Asher – One of many twelve sons of Jacob and due to this fact one of many twelve tribes of Israel, this identify merely means “pleasure.”
  10.  Avi – “My father.” That is typically the shortened type of “Avraham” or the anglicized “Abraham.” Within the Bible, Abraham was the daddy of the Jewish folks and is taken into account one of many essential patriarchs of the Jewish folks.
  11.  Ayal – “Gazelle.” A ravishing identify for a sleek cat.
  12.  Barack – “Lightning bolt.” A enjoyable identify for a quick cat liable to getting the zoomies.
  13.  Benjy – A cute, shortened identify for “Benjamin,” that means “son of my proper hand.”
  14.  Chaimi – “My life.” It’s pronounced with a barely guttural “Hy-mi.”
  15.  Dov – “Bear.” A candy identify on your little teddy bear.

Lavi – One other identify model for “lion.”

  1.  Elie – The shortened type of “Eliyahu,” that means “The Lord is My God.”
  2.  Elroi – “God noticed me.”
  3.  Ezra – “God has helped.” Ezra was additionally a scribe with one of many books of the Bible named after him.
  4.  Goliath – The identify of the large that’s slain by David after an epic battle within the Bible. Though this identify isn’t utterly rooted in Hebrew, the unique that means of Goliath’s identify is, in response to students, most definitely “Lion-man.” I personally have a cat with this identify!
  5.  Idan – A ravishing identify that means “period” or “time.”
  6.  Ira – “Watchful.” Excellent for a watchful little guard cat.
  7.  Itamar – A reputation that marries two Hebrew phrases that means “Island” and “Date tree.”
  8.  Lavi – One other identify model for “lion.”
  9.  Lazarus – A Latinized model of Ezra, that means “God has helped.” Within the New Testomony, Lazarus is a person resurrected from the useless by Jesus.
  10.  Lev – A candy identify that merely means “coronary heart.” Excellent for the cat that you simply love so dearly.
  11.  Malachi – “Messenger of God.” A reputation of one of many Biblical prophets with its roots within the Hebrew phrase for “angel.”
  12.  Matan – The right identify for a valuable cat, which implies “reward.”
  13.  Meir – “One who shines.”
  14.  Moses – The anglicized model of “Moshe,” an important prophet in Judaism, the identify is definitely in all probability rooted within the historic Egyptian language when Pharoah’s daughter named him upon discovering him as a child floating in a basket down the Nile – “..he turned her son. She named him Moses [מֹשֶׁה], saying, ‘I drew him out [מְשִׁיתִֽהוּ] of the water’.”
  15.  Naphtali – One of many tribes of historic Israel, this distinctive identify means “my battle.”

Raphi – A cute nickname for Raphael, which implies “God has healed.”

  1.  Ophir – “Land of gold.” A fairly identify for a cat that’s as valuable as gold.
  2.  Ori – “My mild.”
  3.  Oz – Pronounced “ohz,” this identify means “energy.”
  4.  Sagiv – One other mighty identify meaning “nice, mighty, chic.”
  5.  Samson – The final of the judges of Israel, this anglicized model of “Shimshon” means “of the solar.” Samson was recognized for his lengthy hair, which was the supply of his mighty energy.
  6.  Shachar – Pronounced “sha-har,” this distinctive identify means “daybreak.”
  7.  Shai – A ravishing identify that’s pronounced as “shy,” it means “reward.”
  8.  Shalom – A reputation meaning “peace” and the way we are saying “hi there” in Hebrew.
  9.  Shilo – A biblical place that means “heavenly peace.”
  10.  Shoresh – A reputation meaning “root,” which might have every kind of symbolic meanings. In any case, a mighty and exquisite tree is supported by the energy of its roots.
  11.  Solomon – The anglicized identify of King Shlomo, Solomon is thought for his huge knowledge.
  12.  Tzvi – A reputation for a sublime and sleek cat meaning “deer.”
  13.  Esau – The identify of Jacob’s twin brother, Esau actually means “furry” as a result of he was lined in reddish hair.
  14.  Raphi – A cute nickname for Raphael, which implies “God has healed.”
  15.  Rav – A reputation meaning “rabbi” and is extra of an illustrious title. An incredible identify for a cat that carries himself with a way of self-importance.

Zion – The anglicized model of “Tzion,” the identify describes the holy land of Israel or Jerusalem.

  1.  Roi – A cute identify that means “my shepherd.”
  2.  Yehuda – A reputation meaning “reward,” Yehuda is one in all Jacob’s twelve sons who come to steer the twelve tribes of Israel.
  3.  Yitzi – Quick for “Yitzhak” or “Isaac,” this cute identify means “one who laughs.” A cute identify for a cheerful kitty.
  4.  Yoni – Quick for “Yonatan” or “Jonathan,” this identify means “God has given.”
  5.  Zion – The anglicized model of “Tzion,” the identify describes the holy land of Israel or Jerusalem.

Greatest Feminine Hebrew Cat Names

  1.  Adele – Calling all followers of the pop singer with this identify! This identify has its roots in Hebrew and means “God is everlasting.”
  2.  Adina – A candy identify for a candy cat meaning “light.”
  3.  Aliyah – A lofty identify that means “exalted, ascending.”
  4.  Aliza – A candy identify that means “pleasure.”
  5.  Alma – A fairly identify that means “younger maiden.”
  6.  Alona – A female model of “Alon,” which implies “oak tree.”
  7.  Asa – “Healer.” A beautiful identify for a cat that has supplied therapeutic in your life.
  8.  Anat – A singular identify meaning “reply.”
  9.  Atarah – An incredible identify for a queenly cat, this identify means “crown.”
  10.  Aviva – Excellent for a cat with a sunny disposition, this identify means “springtime.”
  11.  Ayala – A feminine model of the identify “Ayal,” which implies “gazelle.”
  12.  Ahava – I really like this meaning, by the way, “love.”
  13.  Amira – If in case you have a furry little princess at residence, this identify may be very becoming! It means “princess.”
  14.  Bathsheba – This identify means “Seventh Daughter.” The anglicized model of “Batsheva,” she is King David’s controversial spouse within the Bible and the mom of the good King Solomon.
  15.  Dafna – A ravishing identify that means “laurel.”

Keshet – A ravishing identify that means “Rainbow”

  1.  Delilah – A captivating however stigmatized determine within the Bible from Samson’s story, Delilah means “delicate.”
  2.  Devorah – The one named feminine decide from the Bible, the anglicized model is “Deborah.” It means merely “bee.”
  3.  Dina – A powerful identify on your kitty cat, it means “judgment.”
  4.  Dorit – Pronounced “dor-eet,” this identify means “technology.”
  5.  Gila – Pronounced as “gee-la,” it means “pleasure.”
  6.  Hadassah – A stunning identify meaning “myrtle tree.”
  7.  Hagar – The mom of Ishmael, Abraham’s son from Sarah’s handmaid, her identify means “flight.”
  8.  Inbar – The Hebrew identify for “Amber.”
  9.  Keren – “Ray of sunshine.” A really candy identify for a cat that has introduced mild to your life.
  10.  Keshet – A ravishing identify that means “Rainbow”
  11.  Kineret – The Hebrew identify of the Sea of Galilee, it additionally means “harp.”
  12.  Eden – After all, we consider the Backyard of Eden from the Bible, the identify really means “delight.”
  13.  Jezebel – Okay, we all know this identify means one thing, er, not so good. However do you know that this identify of an historic queen of Israel (who was condemned by God) really means “pure, virginal”? A daring identify for these with a darker humorousness.
  14.  Leah – A ravishing identify meaning “weary,” Leah is without doubt one of the biblical matriarchs.
  15.  Libby – A diminutive of Elizabeth, which implies “God is my oath.”

Ora – One other brilliant identify meaning “mild.”

  1.  Lilah – A fairly identify for a black cat, it means “night time.”
  2.  Livna – And now for the white kitties, this identify merely means “white.”
  3.  Malka – A reputation befitting royalty, this identify means “queen.”
  4.  Margalit –  A fairly identify for a reasonably cat meaning “pearl.”
  5.  Nava – And talking of fairly cats, how a few identify like this, which really means “fairly?”
  6.  Noga – For the cat that shines, this identify means “sparkle or brightness.”
  7.  Ora – One other brilliant identify meaning “mild.”
  8.  Orna – A pleasant nature-based identify meaning “pine tree.”
  9.  Parpar – A enjoyable identify meaning “butterfly.”
  10.  Rina – A reputation for a cheerful cat, this identify means “pleasure.”
  11.  Rivka – It’s possible you’ll acknowledge the anglicized model of this identify, which is “Rebecca,” which implies “to tie, bind.” Rebecca is without doubt one of the biblical matriarchs.
  12.  Romi – A cute identify meaning “my exalted.”
  13.  Sarai – “Princess.” Within the Bible, earlier than God adjustments her identify to Sarah, it’s Sarai.
  14.  Shira – A cheerful identify meaning “track” or “poem.”
  15.  Simcha – Talking of blissful names, this identify actually means “happiness!”

Anak – If in case you have a giant boy or massive lady, this identify means “big.”

  1.  Varda – A candy identify meaning “rose.”
  2.  Vered – An alternate model of “Varda.”
  3.  Yaffa – For all these furry beauties, this identify means “magnificence.”
  4.  Zahava – An exotic-sounding identify meaning “gold.”
  5.  Zahara – A ravishing identify meaning “flowering, shining.”

Greatest Unisex Hebrew Cat Names

  1.  Adie – A cute identify meaning “decoration.”
  2.  Agam – A fairly nature identify meaning “lake.”
  3.  Agas – A candy identify meaning “a fruit pear.”
  4.  Anak – If in case you have a giant boy or massive lady, this identify means “big.”
  5.  Avia – This beautiful-sounding identify means “The Lord is my father.”
  6.  Balagan – If in case you have a cat who will get into a whole lot of mischief, this fun-to-say identify means “mess.”
  7.  Chesed – Pronounced as a guttural “He-sed,” this identify means “kindness.” It is usually used to explain charity.
  8.  Davash – A candy identify that means “honey.”
  9.  Dikla – The phrase for a palm tree.
  10.  Dodi – A well-recognized flip of phrase from the Music of Songs, “dodi” means “my beloved.”
  11.  Dror – An inspiring identify meaning “freedom.”
  12.  Efrat – That means “fruitful.”
  13.  Emek – One other beautiful nature identify meaning “valley.”
  14.  Etz – One other good nature identify meaning “tree.”
  15.  Gal – Made well-known by Surprise Girl herself, Gal Gadot, this straightforward and candy identify means “wave,” as in an ocean’s wave.

Kochav – Pronounced “Koc-hav,” it means “star.”

  1.  Gefen – A reputation meaning “vine” and is without doubt one of the seven species of Israel.
  2.  Geshem – A fairly and tranquil nature identify meaning “rain.”
  3.  Gili – A cute identify meaning “my pleasure.”
  4.  Hallel – A particular prayer of due to God in Hebrew, it merely means “reward.”
  5.  Habibi – A time period of endearment that you’ll hear lots in Israel, it really has its roots in Arabic and means, “my love.”
  6.  Inbal – A reputation meaning “tongue of a bell.” A candy identify for a cat with a sweet-sounding meow,
  7.  Kadosh – In case your furry good friend is sacred to you, this implies “holy” or “divine.”
  8.  Katoret – A phrase meaning “incense,” which had holy significance within the Temple in Jerusalem.
  9.  Kochav – Pronounced “Koc-hav,” it means “star.”
  10.  Lior – A ravishing identify meaning “my mild.”
  11.  Liron – For the cat that brings happiness into your life, this identify means “my pleasure.”
  12.  Maayan – Pronounced “Ma-ah-yahn,” this identify means “spring, fountain.”
  13.  Mayim – Pronounced “my-yim,” that is the phrase for “water.”
  14.  Mazal – If in case you have ever wished somebody “mazal tov” you might have wished them luck!
  15.  Matok – A reputation for a sweetie, this identify means “candy.”

Orli – A model of “Ori,” this identify means “my mild.”

  1.  Motek – And this identify means “sweetie.”
  2.  Nahar – A pleasant nature identify meaning “river.”
  3.  Neta – Excellent for that first kitten who turns into your lifelong buddy, this identify means “seedling.”
  4.  Nes – If in case you have a cat that has been by way of lots, this becoming identify means “miracle.”
  5. Olam – In case your cat means the world to you, then this identify is most becoming; it means “the world.”
  6.  Orli – A model of “Ori,” this identify means “my mild.”
  7.  Otzar – A reputation on your valuable one meaning “treasure.”
  8.  Perach – Pronounced “Pehr-rahk,” this identify means “flower.”
  9.  Raz – A cool-sounding identify meaning “secret.”
  10.  Rimon – The phrase for “pomegranate” and one of many seven species of the land of Israel.
  11.  Ruach – Pronounced “Ru-akh,” this identify can imply “wind,” “spirit,” or “ghost.”
  12.  Sababa – A fun-to-say slang time period meaning “alright.”
  13.  Shachar – A cool identify meaning “daybreak.”
  14.  Shaked – Pronounced “Shah-ked,” this identify means “almond.”

Zayit – One of many seven species of Israel, this identify means “olive.”

  1.  Sheleg – Excellent for a snowy white cat, this implies “snow.”
  2.  Teva – An incredible identify for an outside cat meaning “nature.”
  3.  Yakar – A reputation that means “valuable.”
  4.  Yalla – Extra of an exclamation or slang meaning “let’s go!”
  5.  Yarden – The Hebrew identify of the Jordan River, which implies “to stream down.”
  6.  Zayit – One of many seven species of Israel, this identify means “olive.”

Hebrew is a wealthy, historic and dynamic language stuffed with attention-grabbing and deeply significant names (together with some foolish and enjoyable ones as properly!) We hope you might have discovered the proper Hebrew identify on your cat right here!


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