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11 Finest Hen Breeds for Broodiness


Have you ever ever had a hen go “broody?” Broodiness is a pure, maternal intuition that causes a hen to need to sit on a clutch of eggs to hatch them.

This motherly want is triggered by the temperature, humidity, and size of the day, and may occur at any time through the laying cycle.

Let’s take a better take a look at broodiness in chickens so that you will be ready if one in every of your hens decides to go broody on you.

We’ll additionally offer you some useful details about the greatest hen breeds for broodiness so you will discover the correct breed on your sustainable yard flock.

Finest Hen Breeds for Broodiness: However First, What’s Broodiness?

For hen lovers and first-time hen house owners alike, broodiness is a complete thriller. What’s it? Why do chickens undergo it?

Broodiness is the urge for a hen to sit down on eggs to hatch them. This maternal intuition is powerful in some hens and barely exists in others.

Nevertheless, any hen can change into broody underneath the correct circumstances (extra on that later).

When a hen goes broody, she is going to cease laying eggs, cease socializing with the opposite chickens, and can spend most of her time sitting on the nest—even when there are not any eggs for her to sit down on!

This habits can final wherever from a couple of days to a couple weeks.

There are a number of telltale indicators that your hen is broody and desires to set on a nest of eggs. She is going to cease laying eggs and as an alternative spend all her time sitting within the nest.

She might even change into aggressive in the event you attempt to transfer her off the nest. Her feathers will change into fluffed up and she is going to tuck her head beneath her wing as if she is making an attempt to incubate her eggs.

In case your hen is displaying these behaviors, it’s greatest to let her set on the eggs. She is going to want a quiet, darkish place to do that, so chances are you’ll want to maneuver her right into a separate coop or pen.

You also needs to ensure she has entry to meals and water so she doesn’t get too dehydrated or malnutritioned.

Nevertheless, don’t fear—she received’t eat or drink very a lot whereas she’s brooding.

It takes about 21 days for a hen to hatch its eggs. The hen will flip the eggs a number of occasions a day so they’re evenly warmed, and can depart the nest solely briefly every day to eat and drink.

In any other case, she is going to stay within the nest till the chicks are able to hatch.

What Breed of Hen Goes Broody the Most?

You’ve been elevating chickens for some time now, and also you’ve been ready for the day when one in every of your hens would go broody.

Broody chickens are nice for incubating eggs, and it might be an actual assist to have your personal home-grown provide of chicks.

However up to now, none of your chickens appear considering sitting on a nest of eggs. What provides?

Fortunately, there’s a simple reply to this query. Whereas all hen breeds are able to going broody, some breeds are more likely to take action than others.

Listed below are a few of the broodiest hen breeds on your yard flock.

Light Brahma foraging

1. Brahmas

Brahmas are massive chickens that had been initially bred in India and China. They’re recognized for being good layers of brown eggs, and they’re additionally one of the broody hen breeds.

Brahmas will typically go broody a number of occasions per yr, they usually make nice moms. When you’re searching for a hen breed that’s pleasant and low-maintenance, Brahma chickens are a sensible choice.

Light Sussex

2. Sussex

Sussex chickens are dual-purpose chickens that originate from Sussex, England.

They had been developed within the Nineteen Thirties by crossing a number of totally different hen breeds, together with Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, and Plymouth Rocks.

Sussex chickens are recognized for his or her good egg-laying skills, in addition to their friendliness and docile nature. Sussex chickens will go broody occasionally, however not as typically as another hen breeds.

Best chicken breeds for broodiness: Cochin

3. Cochins

Cochins are massive, fluffy chickens that originate from China. They arrive in quite a lot of colours, together with black, white, blue, buff, partridge, and silver laced.

Cochin chickens are pleasant birds that get alongside properly with individuals and different animals. They make good pets and yard chickens since they don’t thoughts being dealt with by people.

Cochin chickens go broody pretty typically, so in the event you’re searching for a motherly hen breed, they could possibly be a sensible choice.

Best chickens for broodiness- Silkie Bantam

4. Silkies

Silkies are small hen breeds that originated in Asia. They’re recognized for his or her lengthy feathers which give them a “silky” look (therefore their title).

Silkies are light birds that make nice yard pets since they get pleasure from being round people and different animals.

Silkies additionally go broody very often, so in the event you’re hoping to hatch your personal eggs, this can be the breed for you!

As an added bonus, Silkie hens make nice soup!

Not into consuming your yard pets? Many individuals consider Silkie feathers have therapeutic qualities and use them in pillow fillings or crafts akin to dream catchers!

Nevertheless you select to make use of them, these little feather balls have unimaginable worth!

cubalaya chickens for broodiness

5. Cubalaya

The Cubalaya hen breed is understood for being good moms and going broody typically.

Other than being fashionable on the exhibition ground, these decorative birds are additionally good layers of brown eggs.

Best chicken breeds for broodiness- Buff Orpington

6. Orpington

One other widespread broodier, the Orpington is a big hen that is available in many colours.

This plump and fantastically feathered breed makes nice pets, they usually lay medium-sized brown eggs.

Chantecler chicken

7. Chantecler

The Chantecler is a winter-hardy chook that was developed in Canada.

They arrive in each white and partridge coloration varieties and make good layers of brown eggs.

dorking chicken

8. Dorking

Dorkings are an previous English breed that is available in a number of varieties together with White, Silver-Grey, Crimson, and Blue-Grey Dorkings.

They make glorious moms and lay white or tinted eggs.

Black Copper Marans Roaming

9. Marans

Marans are a French breed that’s recognized for laying further darkish brown eggs. They not often go broody, however once they do, they make nice moms.

With that mentioned, they’ve positively earned a spot within the checklist of greatest hen breeds for broodiness.

Icelandic Chickens

10. Icelandics

Icelandics are a hardy breed that was developed in Iceland (therefore the title).

They arrive in lots of colours and patterns and make good layers of small to medium-sized white eggs.

Dominique Winter Chicken

11. Dominique

Final however not least on our checklist of greatest hen breeds for broodiness, the Dominique is an American breed that was developed in New England within the 18th century.

They arrive in each barred and clear-colored varieties and make good layers of brown eggs.

What Chickens are the Least Broody?

Broody chickens are hens that cease laying eggs and as an alternative sit on a nest in an effort to hatch them.

Whereas this habits could also be charming to some, it’s not so nice for farmers whose main aim is to supply eggs.

Now that you realize the most effective hen breeds for broodiness, it pays to additionally know the chickens which can be least broody:


Orloff chickens are an previous Russian breed that was developed particularly for his or her non-brooding tendencies. Orloffs are good layers of brown eggs and make glorious meat birds.

Sadly, they are often aggressive in the direction of different poultry, so that they’re not your best option in case you have a blended flock.


Leghorns are maybe essentially the most well-known breed on this checklist. Leghorns are extremely lively birds that like to forage; they’re additionally prolific layers of white eggs.

Whereas they’re not your best option in the event you’re searching for a pleasant hen, their excessive stage of egg manufacturing greater than makes up for it.

Simply remember that leghorns will be delicate, so deal with them with care.


Ancona chickens are an Italian breed that’s recognized for being hardy and disease-resistant. Anconas are good layers of white eggs and make nice pets.

They’re additionally one of many few hen breeds that does properly in each cold and warm climates. Nevertheless, Anconas will be skittish, so ensure to deal with them with care.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock chickens are an American basic for a cause; they’re good layers of brown eggs, are disease-resistant, and are comparatively calm in comparison with different hen breeds.

The Plymouth Rocks make nice pets and do properly in each cold and warm climates.

Broody Hen With Her Chicks

What Chickens Make Good Moms?

With regards to selecting a hen to be a superb mom, there are a couple of key traits you need to search for.

Does the breed sometimes go broody? Have they got a powerful maternal intuition? Are they good at caring for his or her chicks?

Usually, the identical hen breeds which can be recognized for going broody additionally make unbelievable moms. They’re as follows:

  1. Orpington Chickens
  2. Rhode Island Crimson Chickens
  3. Plymouth Rock Chickens
  4. Sussex Chickens
  5. Wyandotte Chickens

These greatest hen breeds for broodiness are an ideal alternative in the event you’re searching for a hen that will probably be a superb mom. They’re recognized for being broody and have a powerful maternal intuition.

They’re additionally good at caring for his or her chicks, which makes them a really perfect alternative in the event you’re searching for a hen to be a superb mom.

These girls are inclined to go broody typically and have very sturdy maternal instincts. With regards to taking good care of their chicks, they excel at ensuring their little ones have every little thing they want together with meals, water, and heat.

If you would like peace of thoughts realizing your chicks will probably be properly taken care of, these hen breeds ought to positively be excessive in your checklist of potential candidates!

Learn how to Encourage Broodiness in Your Flock

Broodiness is a pure intuition for hens, and it’s one thing that’s helpful for each the hen and the farmer.

When a hen goes broody, she stops laying eggs and as an alternative focuses all her vitality on incubating and elevating her chicks.

That is nice for the farmer as a result of it means one much less egg-laying hen within the flock (though you will have to buy fertile eggs if you would like chicks), and it’s additionally good for the hen as a result of it provides her a pure sense of goal.

Give Her the Proper Setting

One widespread cause why hens don’t go broody is that they don’t have a personal place to nest.

In case your hens are consistently being disturbed or if their nests are in full view of different animals (together with different chickens), they might not need to sit on a nest of eggs.

To encourage your hens to go broody, attempt giving them their very own non-public nesting field the place they’ll lay their eggs in peace.

A dim, secluded spot is right, as hens really feel most secure once they’re out of sight and out of thoughts.

If attainable, create a devoted broody coop or part in your hen coop the place hens can go to nest undisturbed.

It will give them a spot to flee from the hustle and bustle of hen life and enhance their possibilities of efficiently going broody.

Give Hens Loads of Nesting Materials

Hens like to nest in smooth, fluffy materials, so ensure their nesting containers are crammed with loads of straw, hay, and even shredded paper.

The extra materials they must nest with, the happier they’ll be—and the extra possible they’re to go broody.

Maintain Egg Manufacturing Low

If you wish to encourage broodiness, it’s necessary to maintain your hens’ egg manufacturing low.

This implies giving them fewer hours of sunshine per day (14-16 hours is right) and offering them with loads of meals and water so that they don’t change into burdened or overworked.

By conserving egg manufacturing low, you’ll give your hens the remaining they want—and enhance the probabilities that they’ll go broody once they’re prepared.

Use Faux Eggs

You too can attempt placing pretend eggs within the nesting field. Many hens will instinctively begin sitting on them in an effort to incubate them.

incubate chicken eggs

Options to Hatching Eggs with a Broody Hen

For anybody who retains yard chickens, hatching eggs is a enjoyable and rewarding expertise. However not everybody has a broody hen out there, and that’s OK!

Listed below are some various strategies for hatching eggs that don’t require a sitting hen.

1. Incubating Eggs Commercially

When you don’t have a broody hen and don’t need to undergo the effort of incubating eggs your self, there are industrial providers that may do it for you and permit you to simply purchase the chick after it has hatched.

It is a nice choice in the event you solely need to hatch a couple of eggs or in the event you don’t need to spend money on an incubator.

2. Utilizing an Egg Incubator

An egg incubator is a protected and dependable strategy to hatch eggs with out utilizing a broody hen.

Incubators can be found in numerous sizes and with totally different options, so that you’ll want to perform a little research to seek out the most effective one on your wants.

However after you have your incubator arrange, it’s fairly straightforward to make use of—simply add your eggs and let the machine do its job!

3. Hatching Eggs Underneath a Warmth Lamp

When you don’t need to spend money on an incubator, you may create a makeshift incubation setup utilizing a warmth lamp.

This technique takes a bit extra effort than utilizing an incubator, however it may be performed for comparatively little price.

Simply make sure to observe all the protection precautions when utilizing electrical gear close to eggs!

Finest Hen Breeds for Broodiness: Last Ideas

There are lots of totally different hen breeds that make good moms and are susceptible to going broody, however some are higher than others.

Brahma chickens, Cochin chickens, Orpington chickens, Plymouth Rock chickens, and Sussex chicks all make glorious setters and broody hens.

Select the most effective breed for you based mostly in your wants and preferences. Thanks for studying!

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